Twas the Day before Thanksgiving…

Late to bed early to rise….


Up this morning at 7am and put the Bob-Jillian hat at on. What is that, well let me explain. You all know Bob and Jillian from the Biggest Loser, well I was in their shoes this morning. I took hubby for a run, which turned out to be a killer workout. I loved encouraging him to keep going to push harder, he is battling a cold right now so this run was hard for him. I would love to be a cross-country coach, I love helping people push themselves!

We are in the middle of no where so we had to run on the HIGHWAY! We ran out for 1.5 miles and then turned around to do some sprints. We ran 4 sprints, ran hard for 30 seconds walked for one minute and then repeat. When hubby had to stretch on the run I did 50 jumping jacks to keep my HR up. When we got done we did 100 crunches, 20 push ups, plank work out, and some GOOD stretching.

Total stats:
Time: 34:32
Avg pace: 11:20, we did walk a little and ran easy…
Max Pace: 4:34
Calories burned: 372 ( this is off because I worked out more)



We ate our first country style bfast at the FIL this morning. After our hard workout this is just what we needed. FIL makes the best home-made biscuits, I have yet to perfect this skill at home. I had two biscuits, some scrambled eggs, a small piece of ham, and my pumpkin oatmeal. I was going to have just one biscuit but then I remembered I only have these ONCE a year!!!


#1. I am thankful for life, in general life is pretty good and I am glad I get to LIVE it!
#2. I am thankful for my car, I am glad that my FIL found me my little Camry no matter if it’s old or new it’s a blessing to have.
#3. I am thankful that I live in the US, I have so many freedoms that I know I take for granted.
#4. I am thankful for my couples study, I love all of the couples that are in it!
#5. I am thankful for my education, I know that not everyone has the opportunity to go to college, let a lone a small private college.

Your Turn!

Alright we have Thanksgiving #1 to prepare for, I am going to catch up on blogs, and start writing my PROBAR review:) Happy prepping!


I want to leave you with some wise words from RD Cheryl Forberg:

Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain from The Biggest Loser Nutritionist

Who says Thanksgiving dinner isn’t healthy? The staple ingredients of this holiday’s comfort food have redeeming healthful properties that make this meal extra scrumptious. Adding a little culinary know-how to traditional recipes can transform this food fest into a guilt-free feast.

The first rule of thumb for holiday gatherings is never go to the party hungry. Maintain your normal daily routine starting with breakfast and a workout. Have a snack before you go — a half a sandwich, yogurt and fruit or a glass of milk.

If there’s a buffet, try to remember that most of your choices should be whole grains, fruits and vegetables; the remaining third can be lean meats. Fill up on veggies that aren’t drenched in butter or sauce.

If it’s impossible to resist trying everything on the table, make sure you take very small “tastes” of high-calorie dishes. If you’re trying to watch your weight, remember that this is just one day, so it’s OK to indulge yourself a little. Many people, however, begin a downward spiral over the holidays beginning with Thanksgiving. One day of temptation leads to another and soon they’ve spiraled out of control. Don’t let that happen to you. If Thanksgiving finds you being a little too indulgent, begin Friday by eating a little less, exercising more, or both.

The healthier flavors of ThanksgivingCranberries: The sweet side of a puckery cranberry is its high-powered nutrition profile. An excellent source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C, it’s also packed with powerful compounds that kick up the immune system and slow the aging process. They freeze well, so stock up and put a few pounds in the freezer.

Sweet potatoes: Why disguise this veggie’s naturally delicate flavor with gooey marshmallows or a brown sugar glaze? This year try roasting peeled sweet potatoes cubes in a hot oven with a little olive oil and your favorite herbs (such as rosemary or oregano).

Not to be confused with the yam, sweet potatoes possess a higher degree of moisture and sweetness. And they’re higher in nutritional oomph with a slew of antioxidant vitamins. Sweet potatoes should not be refrigerated. Store in a cool dry place between 55 and 65 F.

Turkey: Turkey is low in fat and high in protein, Use a rack to roast your turkey so the fat drips away. Baste your bird with fat-free broth, instead of butter.

If you’re trying to shave off calories and fat, choose a turkey breast roast this year instead of the whole bird.

Be sure to have a gravy separator on hand. This indispensable tool quickly skims excess fat from your pan drippings.

Stuffing/dressing: Whole grains deserve a place on your holiday table. Skip the tired old white bread stuffing and whip up a savory batch of cornbread croutons for a memorable holiday dressing peppered with chunks of spicy low fat turkey sausage and dried fruit.

If you’re using broth for stuffing or gravy, be sure to choose fat-free.
If the stuffing calls for sautéed veggies such as celery, onions and mushrooms, use a nonstick pan to minimize the amount of oil required to cook them.

If you bake your stuffing outside of the bird, it’s called dressing. This also means that no juice (or fat) from the baking turkey is absorbed, resulting in a drastic calorie reduction. The right combination of ingredients can result in a dressing that is just as delicious and moist when baked outside the bird.
Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie: Make pumpkin (or sweet potato) pies with canned, evaporated, skimmed milk. It’s more concentrated — rich and creamy with lower calories and fat than regular evaporated milk

Try to decrease the amount of sweetener in your favorite recipe by about 25 percent. And try using agave nectar as your sweetener. Unlike sugar, it’s loaded with antioxidants. Yes, it has calories, similar to those of honey, but it’s natural — not artificial or chemically processed. Sometimes kicking up the sweet spices a notch, e.g., cinnamon, cloves, ginger, helps to stretch the flavor so the lesser amount of sweetener isn’t as noticeable. Substitute most or all of the whole eggs with egg whites. Eat just the filling of the finished pie and skip the high fat crust. Or, bake the filling in a springform pan without any crust at all.

Try a different pumpkin dessert this year and start a new family tradition. Below is a recipe for Sweet Pumpkin Polenta from Positively Ageless.

Miscellaneous tips: Season vegetables with fresh herbs and low sodium seasonings — skip the butter.

There’s plenty of starch at this meal — why not skip the dinner rolls altogether? If that’s not an option, be sure to choose whole grain rolls.

Happy Holidays and happy cooking!


Don’t forget to leave a comment about what you are running Tomorrow MORNING!!!!! I will post this afternoon:)!


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