The end of a beautiful day..

What a wonderful and fulfilling day it has been! I got so much accomplished today I feel like I should have got paid for it. The hubby and I ate dinner outside tonight, the weather was perfect 75 degrees and sunny. I love it when the weather gets to be this way, it’s the last day of summer but I know that us Californians will still be feeling the summer heat. O but I do love the fall. I can’t wait for it. Apple picking, cider, leaves changing color (well some of them), and it just smells prettier. Back to dinner, sorry I get so excited when I start dreaming about fall.

For dinner I made a lean flank steak, with a salad for me with tomatoes from my garden, and green beans for the hubby. I also made my famous homemade cornbread in honor of our hard work out today. It was wonderful, I wish I could have had a glass of Cab with it, but I have given up alcohol until the marathon. It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought, except at the family gatherings when there is a good selection of all my favorite wines. OK I have to make a side not here.

Isn’t it interesting that when you are trying to be healthy and stick to a certain eating regimen, you are faced with all your greatest temptations!?This seems to always happen to me at work or at home. I sometimes will miss a social event because I know that the temptation will be to great, and then I will just be in a bad mood. I know it’s sad but true.
Ok back to dinner it was fabulous and I am still full so that is always good. I also made Frozen chocolate peanut butter oatmeal protein cookies! Recipe courtesy of Fitarella.


1 scoop chocolate whey protein
(you can add more scoops depending on how much protein you want)
1/2-1 cup skim milk depending on how many scoops of protein.
1/4 cup natural PB(Creamy or Chunky I prefer chunky)
1 cup old fashioned oats
1 TB. Olive Oil
8 packs of splenda or stevia or sugar (more or less for your preference)

combine milk, protein and splenda/stevia/sugar in a pot and cook over low heat… you must stir it the whole time or it will stick. Bring it to a slow boil then remove from heat. Add the PB and let it melt. If it starts to get to thick and clumpy and more milk and keep stirring. Then add the oats and the oil and stir it all up. You want the batter to be thick but not to thick. Now drop a TB of the batter onto wax paper and keep doing it until all the batter is gone. It made me 6 cookies. When your done with that put them in the freezer and freeze for 4 hours. Yes that’s right freeze them. They are way better the next day.

I followed her directions but I added some mashed banana, just had one for dessert.. very yummy! Will be making them again.

To end the night the hubby and I played 6 rounds of ping pong on our new ping pong table.

I forgot about how much fun this simple game is. It was a great way to end the day, I love being competitive with my hubby for some reason it makes us closer. Now off to bed to read a little and get ready for the drive to Malibu in the morning. Not a huge race just a 5k but I still want to do well, that’s the competitive runner in me coming out. It should be fun I just got notice that my Mom will be running it with me, how fun is that. I don’t remember the last time we had a mother daughter day, it’s way past due!


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