5k,Crispy Cream, & Birthday Madness!

What a day! Woke up at 5am to get ready for the 5k Malibu run. It was a little different regimen then I usually do seeing that it was a 2 hour drive which meant I would have plenty of time to digest my food. So I went with two pieces of wheat toast and some PB, and my coffee of course. I picked up my mom on the way and headed out to the beach.

When we got there it was quite chili. The race was right on the water. This race was very interesting seeing that it was a duatholon. You could choose to swim a half mile in the ocean and then run the 5k or just run the 5k, obviously I chose the second (but I wouldn’t mind trying both next year). We got in line for our numbers and chips, it was funny that we had to wear chips on our shoes because it was a fun run, and it wasn’t super organized. The mom and me did a good warm up mile and a half and then headed to the start. We asked the guy who was setting up the results table where we were supposed to start the 5k and he didn’t even know! So he went and asked someone, and they finally gathered all 90 of us and started to tell us the low down, when all of a sudden one of the swimmers had finished there swim and were taking off for their run. So we kindly parted the sea and let him pass through.

The Mom in front of the tiny expo


It was quite funny that every time the announcer tried to speak another swimmer would be running by and he would have to stop so that everyone could cheer for them. Then out of nowhere the announcer yelled GO! Ok that was a lame start. I took off anyways. I started off really hard, looked down at my Garmin and I was at 5:45pace, I needed to slow down. So I did and I tried to get up through the crowd as fast as I could because the boardwalk was so small I didn’t want to be pushed off by someone. I passed all the girls and was pretty excited, and a couple of men which was even more exciting. I tried to keep my time under 7min, I glanced down a few times at my Garmin and kept seeing 6min so I was stoked. As I hit mile 2 I was feeling great, but I wasn’t sure how much more we had to go, the course was a loop and a bit of a confusing one. I am always afraid that I am going to run my heart out, and then their going to tell me to keep going just a little bit further. I should have just walked the course before we started so I wouldn’t have worried about that. I saw the finish line, but did not sprint as hard as I could of in fear that I might have to pass it and then loop back to it. I ran hard and finished strong.

The women who was taking my chip off said I was the first girl in, wow that’s a first. I then headed to the water table where I was extremely disappointed. Not only did I not get a shirt for this race, and the expo was pretty lame, I now got offered CRISPY CREAM donuts after the race. Are you kidding me, what the heck! Most people that are out here are trying to eat healthy and be healthy why would they serve us donuts? Who is putting on this race? Ok I will stop my ranting now, but I will just say I was not a happy camper.

I headed back to the shoot to watch my mom finish hard. Way to go MOM! I only hope to be running and staying active after 5 kids. Then we waited for the results to be posted, and here is where I was shocked…I placed 9th overall, 1st girl, and my time was 19:36, best 5k ever. Even in the 4 years of cross-country I never got a time like this! I should have been proud of this but I wasn’t , I thought “Man I should have sprinted at the end my time would have been faster“. I am so hard on myself, but now that it has sunk in a bit I am proud and feel accomplished ( if you can feel it). My mom got 26:10 which is super.

We headed to the car, no need to wait for the awards they said they will send it in the mail if we weren’t there. We started the drive home and realized we were starving! So we drove by this cute little cafe called Beaurivace, they said they were serving brunch we thought perfect! We headed inside and right away felt a little under dressed . But we thought who cares. So we were seated by the hostess and walked through a beautiful setting. It was an Italian Cafe, and very lush and ornate. Every where we looked we saw a little piece of Italy. We opened our menus and decided to truly celebrate and go with the Sunday Champagne brunch, this was a first for me I have never had champagne with breakfast. I ordered a cup of tomato soup to start and then for the main course poached eggs over spinach with tomato holindace sauce. They also brought us out a fruit croissant and bread to start, very sinful but soooo good. We felt like royalty, we were the only two in there. The server George(in English) was so sweet and so helpful and chatted with us about our race the whole time. He thought a 5k was just so amazing, I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was only 3 miles……After four glasses of champagne(for my mom I was driving only had two sips) we headed back to Redlands.

The Yummy Croissant

Tomato Soup My favorite

The Poached Eggs

The DrinkSuch a cute place will be back again!

When I got home I quickly changed and headed out to my nephew Tyler’s 2 year old birthday party. I had only ten minutes to shower and dress so I was speeding. I love kiddie birthday parties, lots of games and toys so much fun. I got to see all four of my brothers, cousins, grandparents, and just the whole gang. It so nice to spend so much of today with family, I think I forget how blessed I am to have so much of them.

The Whole Family, four brothers, two nieces, one nephew and Dad.

Then tonight we celebrated my good friend from high school Christina’s 26th birthday! It was a grown up dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurant’s. I got reacquainted with some old friends, and had a sex on the beach…I had some good eaten today, and it was all worth it!


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