The "Office"

Some times I feel like I live out the show "The Office" EVERYDAY!!! I think I burn more calories laughing then I do running in the mornings. Like for example as I was going into the bathroom the other day, my co-workers were putting furniture in front of the door so I couldn’t’ get out!

IMG_8030  IMG_8031

So of course I just had to get back at them!!


We even have a fun quote wall in our bathroom! You see the one on the bottom left…"Um…I want a piece of Bacon"-Bobbi..don’t ask!


Here are the characters in the show…


First there is Michael who is the "Boss". He is the worlds greatest boss. Always listens, understands, and has really taught me a lot over the past two years.

He also has a very interesting sense of humor and makes up some of the most interesting stories.

He also loves the Yankees…TRADER!

Oh and he is a RADERS fan..don’t ask.


IMG_8040 AMY:

Then there is my other female partner in crime. She is one of the sweetest, caring, loving, and sensible girls I know. She is a ton of fun to work with and I am so glad that we can keep each other sane.

She is almost 6 feet tall and could so be a model.

She loves eating healthy!

She has one killer sense of style.

Love her!

IMG_8042 JOHN:

The funniest person I know. John is a redneck stuck on the west coast. He so needs to be living in Alabama or Mississippi. He loves all things country and makes fun of my healthy eating habits. He is very helpful and for the most part really cares about people ๐Ÿ˜‰

He is the DJ in our office.

He has a beautiful wife that I adore.

He is one heck of a character!


IMG_8043 ME!!!

I am just me… ๐Ÿ™‚


I am the girl who brings all the "Rabbit" food to work ๐Ÿ˜‰


Question: Do you feel like your office could be a show?


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