Happy Saturday friends!

A lot of you have asked about the process of my personal training certificate and what I thought about NESTA. So it’s time for me to share with you all what I thought about the program.

Once again I am supre excited to begin my journey as Personal Fintess Trainer ! I am not planning on quitting my real job anytime soon, but excited to feel a little more “legit” in the area of health and fitness.

Like I posted before I chose NESTA (The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) to obtain my Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, because it was perfect for my lifestyle.

NESTA not only helps you with the fitness education side, but the , business solutions as well. Eventually I would love to be able to make a profit in the indsutry, which means I need to learn about sales, refferals, and marketing. It also is recognized by a ton of local and national gyms.

As soon as you sign up for your certificate program, you have IMMEDIATE access to all of the rescources you will need to complete the program. Their dashboard is super user friendly. There are 14 chapters to cover before you can take the written exam:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Personal Training
  • Chapter 2 – Exercise Physiology
  • Chapter 3 – Kinesiology and Functional Anatomy
  • Chapter 4 – Applied Biomechanics
  • Chapter 5 – Flexibility
  • Chapter 6 – Nutrition
  • Chapter 7 – Special Populations
  • Chapter 8 – Assessments
  • Chapter 9 – Program Design
  • Chapter 10 – Exercise Application
  • Chapter 11 – Safety, Injury Prevention and Treatment
  • Chapters 12-14 – Business Strategies and Applications for the Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • PROS:

    1. Each chapter was super thorough and it was great to be able to watch it when I wanted and where I wanted.

    2. There was a lot of videos that let you record it on to a MP3 so I could take my iPhone wherever I was and listen to all of the information over and over again.

    3. It covered a lot of nutritional information which I know is not covered in a lot of other certifications.

    4. NESTA holds the prestigious NCCA accreditation for our Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. This gives you clout and assurance that you have chosen the industry’s most elite certification. NESTA has global acceptance!

    5. NESTA teaches you how to BECOME FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL in the fitness industry. While other fitness associations may go over the basics, they do not give you the proven fitness business and marketing strategies  like we do. You will learn exactly how to move far above the average trainer. Enjoy proven insider tactics to have a thriving fitness career.

    6.  You only have to re-certify every 4 years instead of 2.

    7. They give you 90 days to study, for me this was a pro because then I had to really FOCUS!


    1. I would love to at least go to one workshop or study group throughout the program, but none were available.

    2. You have to print out the material yourself.

    3. There was a lot of things that were not super important to know as a personal trainer (ex: every bone in the body) that they had you cover.


    I did study the exam alerts more intently,and really focused all my time on those. In doing that(primary
    focus on alerts), and then re-reviewing it (the book/cd rom)all as a whole, I found the exam alerts really did help me. It kinda forces you to delve a bit deeper in, but once you do delve deeper in, you end up knowing the answers to the questions that weren’t exactly on the ‘alert’ list anyway. I didn’t study the science part as deeply, because there would only be about 5-10 questions on it and I wasn’t about to memorize every part of bio-mechanics and anatomy. I focused more on application and assessment, which I figured would help me the most in real life.

    I learned a lot, but I feel like I knew a lot already. Just studying health and fitness as a hobby I believe helped me more than anything else.

    Well there you go. My personal training certificate process in a nut shell. Now all I need to do is get some clients 😉


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