The Track Makes a Runner Fast!

This week was quite interesting. We spent most of our training on the track doing some speed work. On Wednesday we did a three mile track test, basically ran our top speed for 3miles on the track. I did well I guess, except my Garmen said that I ran three miles one lap short. So I am not sure if I ran one extra lap or if my Garmen was off. Then on Thursday I got home late so I decided to run on my lunch break instead of the early morning, bad idea! I started out OK but at 12pm in California it’s a little toasty! I have never sweated so much, I did it though and I even did my down hill strides but it’s so much more fun doing it with the group. Then on Friday we did a track work out of 4 100 strids and 30second speed 15 times, basically ran 15 150’s fast. It was hard, I don’t like the track but getting out there makes me a faster and stronger runner. I need to keep listening to my body, because it really does talk to me if I am willing to listen.


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