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Can you believe that Mother’s Day is this weekend? This year is really flying by!

Have you gotten your Mother a gift yet?

One of the best ways I found to do this was by giving her gifts that are unique and really reflected who she is to you!!

I want to share a few favorite ideas I have found in the hopes that this Mother’s Day you might give back to your mom something she’s given freely to you for years and years — time, attention, and unconditional love.

1. Make a List

Start making a list of all the things you love about her…my examples: how she
taught me the value of books, how kind she is to people, how she throws the
best parties for people, how she always tells me that brownies have no calories
and are good for me, how she encourages me to be whatever makes me happy, how she
has welcomed Hubby into our family with open arms, etc. I started out thinking
I would send her 50 reasons and before I knew it, I easily had 100.

You could make this for your mom. All you need to do is set aside a half hour
or an hour in a quiet place and think back on all the years you’ve had with
her. Think about qualities that are unique to her, things she does for you, or
special times you’ve shared together. Your Love List can include big things and
small things, funny things and sweet things.

These lists are treasures for someone to hear. Think about how much you would
love tis!. It is amazing to receive a gift that mirrors who you are. It is a
gift to be seen. And unfortunately, people often don’t get to hear these kinds
of things in their lifetime. For some reason in our culture, folks wait until
funerals to express their love. Love Lists are a way to express your love and
appreciation NOW!

2. Get Present

As we get older, material things become less important to us and old-fashioned quality time with people we loves becomes the real treasure. Everything is so fast-paced these days and
we’re all always checking our smart phones or clicking away on the laptop. Why
not give your mom a gift of your undivided attention? Make a handmade gift
certificate for her that is good for an entire day together, just the two of
you. Once again a really treasured gift. Maybe you could plan an at-home spa
day in which you give her a mani pedi and cook a simple, healthy lunch? Could
you plan an afternoon picnic and you bring your camera so you can frame a
favorite shot later? How about a morning walk watching followed by a cup of tea
at a local cafe? Do things that she loves.

Give Mom the gift of your time and attention by planning a very special adventure, designed with her in mind. What you plan doesn’t have to cost a lot— or anything at all! — the real value is your presence of mind.

3. Straight from the Heart
(got this idea from Amanda)

Remember when you were in elementary school and at Mother’s Day you’d make your
mom a photo paperweight or a vase of pretty paper flowers? Remember how your
mom would always say, “This is my favorite gift!?” She meant it.
Nothing tops a gift that someone specially makes with us in mind. You may think
you’re too old to pull off a craft gift for mom, but think again. How about
heading to one of those pottery painting places where you can decorate a coffee
mug.. Or, use some of your talents as a photographer, painter, or photographer
to create a one-of-a-kind artwork for mom. Memorize a couple pieces of piano
music and invite her to an at-home evening concert, followed by some wine and
cheese. Don’t forget, you’ll always be your mom’s child. And there’s nothing
moms like more than something created just for them by their kid!

Whatever you do for your Mother this special day know your Mom’s will appreciate it!

Question: Do you have any Mother Day gift ideas? Are you a Mother? If so what do you want this Mother’s Day?


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