Three Day Marathon Training Review

Today was exhausting! I had a fine day at work, but 12 hours later I had to come home and clean the house for guests this Friday night..She just keeps going and going and going…


We enjoyed dinner at work tonight at another camp site this evening called Adventure Mountain. This camp is for 5th and 6th graders.


I was thrilled to see my Buddy he not the cutest thing ever?! 


Our table of friends


Carb tried to load up on veggies 😉


My entertainment for the evening


Wednesday Workout Tip: My Three Day Marathon Plan Review

Ok friends, I hope to answer many of your questions about my marathon training plan I just completed for SDRR. First let me say a couple things about what it takes to not only get faster, but also to not get injured. Are you ready??? Dedication and REST! I am not going to lie it is NOT EASY running for speed. In fact it’s kind of funny because I do love running, but sometimes I don’t like it so much when I am trying to do it fast. My favorite marathon was the one I did with Meghann, because there was NO PRESSURE. On the flip side there is a lot of satisfaction and pride(good pride) that comes from kicking butt in a race 😉

So for this past BQ training I chose to do most of the workouts from Run Less Run Faster. The training lasted a total of almost three solid months.  I wanted to qualify for Boston one more time before any kiddos were in the picture. You can check out my Training Calendar here. I didn’t do everything the book said, but I did stick to the tempo runs and track workouts. I really tried to focus on finish the WHOLE workout well instead of killing myself on trying to make the times. As the weeks went on the workouts did get harder and harder, but my mind was set on a goal. I did a lot of cross training along with my runs. Two to three days of KB, Yoga, and Cycling. I didn’t get in as much strength training as I would have liked and that is why I am killing it now.

The whole purpose of training for only 3 days a week is to focus on quality rather the quantity. I believe I did just that. Each workout had a purpose and I liked that, because it helped me always have my eye on the goal.  It also worked well with my schedule and I could still do all my other exercises I love!

Once again the training consisted of one Track Day (Tuesday) one Tempo Run (Thurs. or Friday) and one Long Run (Sunday). I think this book was amazing and obviously it kept me injury free and got me the time I needed to BQ!! I think anyone can qualify for Boston if their body well let them train hard, but train well. Remember to also be very intentional about your rest days, REST!

I think a great way to just improve your speed overall is to do track workouts. I challenge you to get out on the track this week and try to run the fastest 5k you have ever done and then incorporate one track workout a week. Come back in a month and try that 5k run again. I guarantee you will be faster!

(side note I think my music makes me faster 😉 )

Hope this helps. If you have any questions just let me know.