Time for Another Challenge: The Simple Life

How about a SIMPLE LIFE challenge that will get you to save money and eat healthier?? I don’t know about you, but I need to save some money and get back to the more simple pleasures of life.

The challenge comes in three parts!

First part give up eating out for the entire month of MAY!!! I know a lot of you wanted a challenge to get that bikini body, well this is a great way to get there.

Second part, Health Commute Challenge!! Ride your bike at least three times a week(or more) to work or to the store, or taking public transportation, walking, shoot even running!

Third part, Being Simple & Green. Here is a list of ways that you can get simple, and I would love to hear more of your ideas as well.

  • Having a date night out at the park
  • Inviting friends over for dinner instead of going out, have everyone bring something.
  • Do your own pedicure and manicure
  • Instead of buying that cup of coffee every day, make your own at home, or shoot give up coffee all together.
  • Make all your own breads instead of buying them
  • Have a garage sale and make some extra money!
  • Read the news online instead of buying the newspaper.
  • Do a cloths swap with your BFF’s
  • Making a gift for someone instead of buying them something, which is always better anyway.

This May challenge is keeping life in it’s RAWIST and SIMPLEST form. I understand that some of you can not bike to work or take public transportation, but what about carpooling or riding your bike to the grocery store??Do you need to simplify your life and get clean inside and out, then this challenge is for you!

I am calling this challenge The Simple Life(TSL) . Not only will cooking ALL your meals at home be cheaper, but it will also be HEALTHIER. The more you cook at home the more you know what is really going in all your food. We all know that riding your bike and walking would be cheaper then gas, but it is also a great exercise for your body as well.

I chose these three things for several reasons;

  • May is National Bike Month
  • We are all trying to save money
  • We all need to  eat cleaner
  • We all could use a little simplifying in our lives

So what will the winner receive? Besides the satisfaction of feeling GREAT! I am going to be giving away 2 wonderful gift basket that will include some gift cards, biking gear, and other simple wonderful treats!

How you can you win? I will choose one winner who has the most points,  but also a random person will be chosen from all the participants.

Tracking your points:

  • 1 point for riding your bike, carpooling, taking the public trans, running, or walking to work or to the market or some place you would normally drive too.
  • 1 point for every meal you prepare at home(not snacks just meals).
  • 1 point for doing something frugal! This is where you can get really creative!

I don’t have a fancy form you will have to fill out, I just ask that you email me your points every Friday in May! Honesty is the best policy:)

Here is the best part of the challenge. Not only will you be able to win a prize at the end but I am making this a challenge that everyone gets something!

Yes that’s right if you want to be a part of this Simple Life Challenge you will receive a wonderful package in the mail at the end too. Here is how it works, I will pair you all up, so that at the end you will have a “Simple Life” Buddy to send a Simple FUN package to in honor of the completion of living a more simple life.

Throughout the challenge I will be writing posts about how to live a more Simple Life, and ways that you can creative with meals at home!

So what do you say, do you want a Simple Challenge? If you want to join me please email me at marie.bobbi@gmail.com so I can get everything together and get this started on May 1st!

I can’t wait!


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