Time to Start Training


Here is my “penciled” in marathon schedule for the next three weeks until cross-country season is over. I have to run with the team for 3-4 runs of the week, but I will be doing some 2 a days here and there when I need to get more mileage in. As you can see I like to only run between 25-30 miles a week, it works for me.

I do one easy run, one track workout, one tempo run(or hills), and one long run. On Mondays/Weds/Fridays I will be doing some kind of strengthening as well. Either kickboxing or Jillian’s 30 day Shred. I am excited to be in training mode AGAIN! 

I so desperately wanted to get up early and do some Shred, but I keep turning my ALARM OFF!!! Why OH why, do I keep doing this?! I don’t know you my BF Danielle get’s out of the house at 6:30am for work every day!

For Breakfast I made a quick and easy egg burrito and watched NERD KERF GMAIL, love organization!

Picture 161

Picture 160 

Ok folks you asked about the cold weather here, and it’s only in the 50’s in the morning, but for this Southern California girl that is COLD! Where I work it is even colder, I have to bust out my boots and my sweaters :). I love FALL clothes, layering is my favorite?

Question: What season of clothing is your favorite?


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