{Top 10} of Family Camp


Last week we spent a week up at Forest Home Family Camp. It was an incredible week. It was a life-changing week. I stepped away from social media as much as I could and truly unplugged for 5 solid days. This was our 5th year of Family Camp and it was the most special one thus far, because we got to share it as a family of three. We also spend the Fourth of July there, which was perfect!


I could go on and on about what we did at Family Camp and what God taught me. It’s fun what God teaches you when you actually sit still for more than two seconds and have some quiet space to listen. It was in that quiet space that I truly, madly, and deeply became ready to ABIDE more than ever in God’s truth and grace. Here are the top 10 highlights from our week:

10. Inspiration Point Breakfast

It’s about a two-mile hike up to the most beautiful hilltop, where guests get to enjoy the freshest and fluffiest pancakes and bacon, while drinking a cup of Joe with a view.


9. Main Speaker Albert Tate

It was such a blessing having our old pastor as the main speaker for the week. I have been going through the Abide journal by Naptime Diaries, and the entire week of messages was about John 15:5 and abiding in the Lord. It couldn’t have been a sweeter time of learning.


8. Root Beer Freezes and Shaved Ice

Who knew that I would fall back in love with such fun camp treats?! I think I had a Shaved Ice everyday and at least two Root Beer Freezes from the Clubhouse. When at camp, you have to just enjoy!


7. Morning Adult Free Time

Every morning after breakfast we would drop off RJ in her classroom while we went to our morning session. We always had about 2 hours after the session to do whatever we wanted. I chose to spend some deep time in God’s word and read in the hammock. Hubby still had to work a bit, so this time was when he got his work done.

6. The Pool

I swear RJ is a fish! She loves the pool. Forest Home just installed a new pool and a splash pad that one day we will all enjoy.

5. Adult Dinners

We had two “fancier” dinner nights, where we got to eat KID FREE! They had an early dinner for kids (obviously RJ didn’t go) and then our CCA (see #2) came so we could enjoy an amazing Farm-to-Table dinner! Both nights all the food was delish! We even had lavender ice-cream one night for dessert!

4. Nap-time

I don’t know what it was about the mountains, but RJ slept so hard! She took two solid naps everyday. I even snuck in a nap or two (first time ever) and they were glorious.

3. CrossFit

I was stoked that they offered two days of CrossFit and two days of lap swim. The CrossFit workouts were made up of mostly tabata and then a deck card workout. There wasn’t anything too intense, but so great to work out with new friends and with such an amazing back drop!

2. Date Nights every Night!

The one thing that sets Forest Home apart from all other family camps is the Child Care Assistants that are offered for free! Every night after dinner our CCA would come over, tuck RJ into bed, and stay with her till 11pm, while we went to our evening session and then enjoyed some amazing one-on-one time! The Hubby and I have not been away from RJ together on a trip yet, so this was the perfect compromise. We played cards, enjoyed life dreams over coffee, shared a shake in the clubhouse, star-gazed, and just relaxed!


1. Quality Time with these Two

Although Matt had to work, it was a lot of fun not having to clean up after meals, worry about what to cook for dinner, being caught up with watching TV, or stuck on our computers. Just to look each other in the eyes and worship together for an entire week was such a blessing.


I am so happy that Hubby works here year-round so we can visit often and still experience a bit of family camp every week. Smile


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  1. Love it! Such a wonderful week for you three!

  2. Looks like an amazing week at Family Camp .. I cannot wait to go back to Forest Falls for Refresh Summit 2015!

  3. That looks like an amazing week! I love camp and haven’t been to camp since I was a counselor in college.

  4. Audrey Avatar

    You two are amazing parents!

  5. Allison Avatar

    Looks like an amazing week so glad you were able to enjoy!