GO Team GO!!! Today’s x-country meet rocked. My kiddos seriously stepped up to the plate. Four of them placed in the top 10 and PR’D(personal record). I made them these sweet goody bags to give them today, they all LOVED the Gold Fish more then the candy!



After the meet I hit up the Gym for a little kick boxing session, I seriously can not tell you guys enough how intense a kick boxing workout is. I think I need to do a little video for you all, would you like that??

Tonight for dinner Hubby came to the rescue for dinner, and made his world famous Vinegar Chicken! (he says if you want the recipe you must email me).

Picture 150

I fixed some quick sides. Frozen English Peas and Cherrie Tomatoes nuked for two minutes.

Picture 151

Along with some Brown Sticky Rice.

Picture 152

MMMM..so wonderful to have dinner ready in minutes.

Picture 149

I am currently watching TBL and I just love that they are teaching them how to order OUT. Of course while I watch I am enjoying a mini Snickers for dessert.

Picture 153

Back to TBL, getting up early for a run with my Boss!!

Have you been watching TBL? What do you think so far?


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