Tree Top Inn Here We Come!

We made it up to Big Bear safely! First things first we stocked up on some essentials at the local market in town.


We then settled in to our lovely “Tree Top Inn” Cabin. Hubby and I plan on making all of our meals this weekend because A, we will save money and B, we love to cook! Hubby barters with the owner of the cabin by doing a website for him so we get to say in this sweet cabin for FREE!

Our little kitchen is now fully stocked for our three day trip!

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I fully intend on sticking to my Clean Eating Detox this weekend as far as eating goes but I am going to enjoy some wine, I AM ON VACATION :)!

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And Hubby is going to enjoy his favorite Junk Foods!

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For dinner we just kept it simple, Hubby made his pizza and I made some delicious Amy’ s Chili with a little added touch of avocado and goat cheese.

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With some Blue Corn Organic Tortilla Chips for dipping. 

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Lovely Friday Night Dinner! 

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Hubby is already in Vacay mode..lounging is our theme. 

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After dinner Hubby and I came over to Sbux to play a little with my Blog and such, a blog makeover is not as easy as it seems. I am enjoying a wonderful Calm Tea Misto.

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So I thought I would give you all a little recap of how the Clean Eating Detox is going. So far I have got weaned off caffeine, AMAZING! I have to tell you quitting coffee for me is a major step. I have had a coffee every morning as far back as I remember and now to be able to get up in the morning and not need it is such a great feeling. I also have become a lot more creative at using all REAL FOOD and cooking with more herbs and spices rather then adding so many condiments. I haven’t had any salt, caffeine, preservatives, sugar,meat, wheat, and gluten for 14 days and I haven’t had any food related tummy problems in 2 WEEKS, now that’s huge!

Now I realize this Detox isn’t that much different then how I normally eat, I just have been more strict about having the CRAP that sneaks in. Since working at my new job I have been sitting at a desk for most the day, which means less movement and MORE unnecessary SNACKING.

I love the way I feel when I eat super clean I haven’t been lacking in energy one bit. I make sure to eat plenty of protein through beans, nuts, tofu, and legumes. I am still learning how to live a life that reflex a clean while being a super busy athlete. Most importantly I want to live a  life of TRUE BALANCE.

I want to eat CLEAN for the rest of my life, not just for a season. I only have two more weeks, and really the only thing I plan to bring back is the occasionally Fro-Yo here and there, a little meat, and wheat. I am pretty sure I am not allergic to gluten but I love learning all about gluten free allergies and how people are effected by gluten.

Well that’s all I got for now, I feel great, more natural energy, no tummy aches, and I am feeling good about what I am putting in my body!

Tomorrow morning Hubby and I have a great day planned out. My parents are coming up to visit to go mountain biking with us in the morning. Their will be lot’s of time for Yoga and reading. We also can’t wait to head over to the Oktoberfest!

Have a great night Friends!


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