Tuesday Tips for Balanced Living: Meal Planning

Trucking along here on this Tuesday….


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Today I tried one of Fresh and Easy’s Micro Steamers. I picked up the Ginger Shrimp on sale for only $2!!

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It was a pretty filling meal, but could have used more veggies. Next time I eat this I will have to add my own. The shrimp that was in there was very yummy as well.

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Tuesday Tips for Balanced Living: Meal Planning

Today’s tip comes from a wonderful readers question:

Q: I was just wondering do you keep a menu or how do you organize what you are going to make for meals for the week? Do you do weekly or monthly? Thank You

You all know how much I love PREP Sundays! I always try and sit down on Sundays and plan out my meals for the week. I think if I did the whole month I would get OVERWHELMED!  I don’t really plan out my breakfasts, because I like to be creative 🙂

I prep several things for lunch and write a list down of all the things I have to choose from and post it on my fridge. I am a VISUAL person!

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The one thing I do prep for in my lunches is my salads. I make three or four salads for the week filled with all kinds of veggies. That way when I make my lunch either in the evening or morning I can grab and go! I hate having to chop up everything everyday.

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For dinners I do write down what we will eat every night (I keep in minds that sometimes plans change). I post it on our Google Calendar and then come up with my grocery list and add all the items to my Google task list. Because I have the internet on my phone I can then just pull up my list while I am shopping 🙂


I stick with meals that take 30 minutes or less and that would be great for leftovers! I am trying to make something new for my “Time in the Kitchen” Thursdays so it has been fun to make new things!!!

For me this is the best way I can stay on track with my healthy eating habits. If I didn’t have healthy options then it would be a lot harder for me to make REAL FOOD 🙂


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