Twenty Minute Tuesday + Fitmixer Bootcamp

Time for a little TMT!!! I know they have been missing for a few weeks, but I am bringing some hot workouts your way 🙂

Today’s workout is a little sneek peek from my Summer Shred that everyone has been crushing!!! If you are interested in getting more of the workouts just send me an email.

Today’s work out you will do 3 times through. If you have more time then feel free to do it 4 or 5!! The key is to power through with very little breaks. Please listen to your body, if you need to catch your breath please do so get a drink of water, then move on to the next exercise.

What you’ll need: Timer, Jump rope, 5-10 pound free weights.

1 minute jump rope in place

25 Squats (fast)

15 jumping jacks

10 pushups

30 seconds of mountain climbers

10 pushups

25 basic crunches

1 minute butt kicks

1 minute bicep curls with a static lunge

15 jumping jacks

1 minute in plank position

1 minute plank ups

30 seconds jog in place (DANCE)

1 minute military presses with a front kick (10 on each side)

1 minute: (30 seconds) side shoulder raises / (30 seconds) front shoulder raises

25 Squats (fast)

30 seconds burpees

15 chair dips

30 seconds bicycle crunches

1 minute plank



Also a little update about what I have been participating in as far as my workouts now that I am done with Insanity (I am sure I will be doing it here and there still). I started something that I learned about at the Blend Retrea called the Fitmixer Bootcamp. So what exactly IS the fitmixer Bootcamp? Watch this little video:

Fitmixer Bootcamp

When you sign up, you recive a lot of online help a lot like my Beachbody Challenges. Since I am always kicking everyone else’s butt, I thought it was about time someone kicked mine!! They are so great and sent me some awesome products.


  • Nutrition plan tailored to your own needs.
  • Communication with a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Expert.
      • Weekly conference calls
      • Commitment to daily calorie goal
      • Accountability to publish weight each week
      • Commitment to a daily exercise regimen
  • Support from other Boot Camp peers.

There are a few things I had to do on my part as well like….

Take Before/After Pics.

Just a little disclaimer that I know I do not have to or want to lost weight, but I am always trying to stay fit and in the best shape that I can! So know that I am not expecting huge resaults, but hoping to maintain my hot bod 😉

My “Before”:

no make up and all




Another requirement that I’m not so thrilled about are the weigh-ins. I only own a scale for my clients, but I NEVER step on it. I know my weight by the way my clothes fit and I don’t care about the numbers!! I know for those that are trying to lose weight the scale is a help so I completely understand why they want us to submit our weight.

I plan to give you guys a weekly update on how things are going, how I’m fitting these workouts in, and whether or not I like the supplements they have given me.

I am not looking to lose any weight.I do challenges to keep me motivated!!  I am just happy to be starting something new and keeping my workouts fun!!!!


  • Learn more workout moves and mix things up!
  • Tone up my abs.
  • Maintain muscle
  • Eat more protein before and after workouts.
  • Learn more about how my body responds to amino acids.
  • Have FUN!

I’m excited and can’t wait to share with you all how things go!

Have a happy TUESDAY!!

P.S. Go buy John  Mayer’s new album it’s amazing!




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