Update On September Challenges

In answer to a few questions from last nights post, I am a program reservation associate at Forest Home( I register peeps) and Bosco is some kind of Terrier mix, we rescued him when he was 2 months old from the pound.

Just a little update about my September challenges:

#1. Pushups and Sit-up Challenge: Staying STRONG
#2. Not changing my Pajamas so often: I did it!
#3. Unplugging unnecessary electronics during the day: Need to work on
#4: Jillian’s “Making the Cut”: I love her book, I just am TOO busy!
#5. Losing those summer 5 pounds: down 2!

How are all of your challenges going?!

Morning Eats

Egg Sandwich:

  • one egg
  • spinach
  • 1 light laughing cow cheese
  • Cherrie tomatoes
  • 1 Sandwich Thin

Picture 097


Picture 096

All together…

Picture 095

It’s going to be another busy day in the office, I have a Father Son Conference on Friday so lot’s to get done. Tonight I have speed work out with my x-country kiddos, and a benchwarmers meeting….busy busy Bobbi.

Time to get ready!!!!

Question: What do you look forward to today?

My Answer: My first cup of coffee when I get to work!


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