Urban Running: Blogger Summit

I have been running since I was 10 years old and over the years have learned so much from so many experienced runners and from my own running journey. Well I think it’s about time I shared all the wonderful things I have learned! Well guess what? SkinnyRunner asked if I wanted to be one of the speakers at the Urban Running: Blogger Summit…. and I said YES! A blogger conference about running and in Vegas, YES PLEASE!



Check out the  temporary site up with information.  If you want to be on the list to get information email urbloggersummit@gmail.com and say you are interested!  It’s going to be a blast and the more interest they get the better it will be!

If you were going to go to a conference like this, what topics would you want to hear about?

  • Balancing working full time with a training plan/time management/tips for fitting running in
  • How to make your own training plan/training plan tips
  • Fueling for runs
  • Running clothes
  • How to prepare mentally for a race
  • Running and Faith
  • How to train for Boston

Let me know what you would want to hear about or any ideas you have!!

I am so excited!  The more friends the better!

Question: Do you like public speaking?


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