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I love April for the same reason! It is my birthday month as well. I am taking my birthday month this year as a time to reflect on my wellness and everything I have going on in my life and try to find more balance.
Q: Do you drink coffee before your workouts? I also get my workouts started at about 5am every morning, but with my sensitive stomach I can’t ever eat or drink anything beforehand, I always have tea or coffee after my workout. Just curious how you time that!
Take care,

Those 4;45 alarms come early! I do the same thing and its HARD! Good job!

Really enjoyed your post! I LOVE your last piece of advice…so true!

Training at 4:45am is crazy early! Definitely have respect for anybody that is up and about and ready to train at this time!

I love your grey jacket! Where did you get it from???

You’re so cute, Bobs! Also, I think we will be in Temecula on the same day! Jen and I are headed down on the 20th!

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