Tonight I realized I am a weaver! I can’t stay in one lane while driving. I bet it’s my A.D.D! Do you guys tend to switch lanes a lot??

Ok on to my Wednesday!

Today we said farewell to our dear co-worker John. He is going into surgery tomorrow and will be out of our office for 12 weeks 🙁 We will miss you JOHN! Rest UP!


We enjoyed the Gourmet Pizza Shop yet again this week 🙂 I sure can get used to being treated to pizza twice in a week!


I enjoyed a slice of each 🙂


After work I taught KB. I wish I sounded tougher! I need a manly voice, but just for KB! Bosco is not even afraid of me 😉

photo (63) photo (62)

Oh and before I headed to KB I enjoyed a Zone bar, they are the perfect pre-workout snack. Then dinner was leftover pizza 🙂 Tomorrow I will have to eat pure VEGGIES!!!


Off to get in some more reading!!

Hubby is already OUT. He has been going like the Energizer Bunny 🙁 Only 1.5 months left of coaching and then our life will be back to normal! Whatever normal is.


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