Wednesday Workout Tip: Monica From Run Eat Repeat

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This morning I made French Waffles 🙂

Whenever I have waffles in the morning I never stay full. So this morning I decided to try and make my waffles French Toast style. I dipped each of my Organic WW waffles into 1 egg and two egg whites.


On the grill


WONDERFUL! Why have I never tried this??? The egg gave the waffles a lot more texture and crunch!


I topped my French Waffles with PB, FAGE, 1/2 banana and strawberries.


With some fresh Vitamin C


Such a COLORFUL Breakfast 🙂


Wednesday Workout Tip: Monica!

Hello everyone! This is Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat. Bobbi invited me to share a workout tip with you and I jumped at the chance. Enjoy…

I am a runner at heart, but a recent injury taught me I have to do more than run to stay healthy. In the past I have neglected stretching and strength training. Luckily, yoga offers both of these things in one

But yoga is very intimidating since I don’t feel good at it and I’m not flexible. Yoga actually stressed me out for these reasons! I know that’s a little ironic when it’s supposed to relax you, right?!

One way I have added this new exercise to my routine is with my yoga DVD. This way I can make a fool of myself in the privacy of my own home before doing it in public 🙂

There are so many different fitness dvds out there – you can give almost any exercise class a test run at home before hitting up the gym!

Have a great day!!

Question: Do you us exercise DVDS? Which ones are your favorite???

I love my 30 Day Shred DVD and I have a few new ones I am trying this week 🙂


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