Wednesday {Workout}


I feel like it has been forever since I shared a fun WORKOUT with you all! Well I have a good one for you that I KNOW it will kick your BUTTS! I love HIIT (high intensity interval training) that are quick, but do the job. This one has been one of my favorite lately! I know it says box jumps, but if you need to modify to step ups GO AHEAD! I burnt over 200 calories in this one and I was a dripping hot mess.


I am currently doing Ashely Horner’s Pipehitter mixed with some TRX and bike rides here and there. Ashley has been kicking my butt! I am going to do a full review of her Pipehitter program after I finish. There are for sure some pro’s and con’s. I can’t wait to share.

Question: Do you like HITT workouts? 


One response to “Wednesday {Workout}”

  1. Thanks for the workout! I’m all about HIIT as well, this would be great for an open gym session at crossfit.