First off, I want to thank you all for your kind and caring words from my last {Virtual} Coffee Date post. I wish I could have coffee with all of you individually so we can share what each of us is going through. I am so blessed by each and everyone of you and I only hope that opening up my heart to you all will only help someone who may be going through the same thing.

This weekend was truly the best medicine to refresh my soul.

Friday, we hung out with our favorite bunch, the Bagley’s, for Daniel’s birthday dinner at the Sizzler (I know… party animals!). This particular Sizzler was actually my first place of employment so it brought back all kinds of memories!


After dinner, we went to the new Yogutland in town and I enjoyed a little of the coconut yogurt… yummy!


Saturday, the Hub’s and I were out ALL DAY for ALL KINDS of fun adventures. We had a three hour church meeting in the morning and then had lunch at Mi Place in Pasadena where I enjoyed a little sangria and the best Kale Salad!


(…filled with fresh fruit, mushrooms and goat cheese…)


Then we were off to Ikea and a birthday dinner for my Kickboxing Boss, Moe!

The cake pops were the cutest things ever… little kettlebells!


Sunday morning, the Hub’s and I were up bright and early for a 30 mile bike ride, but we had to cut it short due to two flat tires. However, 20 miles is better than nothing plus the weather was amazing!


The rest of our Sunday was spent at a family BBQ! Yummy food, swimming, chatting, football and just pure relaxation with the people we love.


Our weekend was extended because this week is our FAMILY VACATION WEEK!!!

Yesterday we kicked it off with my two favorite D’s… Disneyland and Dodgers, but first I got in an awesome GPP workout with Val and 5.5 miles of running.


Hubs and I loaded up the car and headed to Disneyland as soon as I got back! Disneyland was EMPTY!!! Before we even had lunch we hit up three rides in less than an hour… that huge friends!

For lunch we ate at DCA’s Garden Grill. They have the best veggie kabobs around. I love that it is all fresh and tastes amazing. See friends, you can eat healthier at (some) amusement parks.




Hubs and I shared our very first Soft-Served Dole Whipped Yogurt! So yummy, light and refreshing. I couldn’t believe it was Vegan and 100% pineapple goodness! I am not sure why we have waited so long.


Lots of kisses were stolen… love my gingerbearded man!


The fun didn’t stop there. At 5pm, we were off to see the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks! I enjoyed a Super Dodger Dog and Blue Moon. The game was AMAZING! The Dodgers won 8-1 and hit six home runs! I have never seen that many home runs hit at a single game in my life!!!



We even got a little take home souvenir… a Hello Kitty Bobble-head. I think that is why the game was so PACKED!


On the way home, I checked in on my Fantasy Football Team and BOOM! I took this week!


The fun has just begun. Today is all about packing, prepping and getting all my work done for tomorrow as we leave for Bishop, CA for a 5-day camping trip!!!


How was your weekend?
Did you watch Football?
Have you ever tried a Dole Whip?


9 responses to “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Happier Heather Avatar
    Happier Heather

    I LOVE Dole Whip! Too bad I’ve only ever found it at the county fairs here in Minnesota.

  2. There is a local place here that sells “fruit whip” which is Dole whip. It was my savings grace when I was dairy and soy free while nursing my kiddos. (They were both intolerant of dairy and soy :(. I tend to still order that though when we make a trip for ice cream- because I love it! My sons are hooked on it too!

  3. What a busy day…boy sometimes I sure wonder how you fit it all in 🙂

  4. Oh my I MUST have a Hello Kitty bobble head doll!

    That sounds like an amazingly relaxing weekend.

  5. Hi Bobbi, if you are still in Bishop on Saturday and want to take a great kickboxing/yoga class, think about joining me at ClassItUpFitness in Mammoth Lakes (only a little further up 395 from Bishop). Let me know if you’d like more details! Safe travels north!

  6. Oh man, you went to the right Dodger game! Not only was it exciting with all those home runs, but a hello kitty bobble head?!!? I would have gone to the game just for that! Glad you had a good time there and at Disney! I haven’t tried the Dole Whip yet, but whenever I get my butt to the park…which will probably be forever and a lifetime from now, I’ll certainly try it!

  7. I love the Dole Whip. Oh man, I want one right now!!

  8. The Dole Whip sounds delicious! Love that it’s vegan and pineapple! two great things.

  9. Awww what a fun weekend 🙂 looks like a great time!! Nothing like a great weekend together to clear your head and relax!