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I LOVE Dole Whip! Too bad I’ve only ever found it at the county fairs here in Minnesota.

There is a local place here that sells “fruit whip” which is Dole whip. It was my savings grace when I was dairy and soy free while nursing my kiddos. (They were both intolerant of dairy and soy :(. I tend to still order that though when we make a trip for ice cream- because I love it! My sons are hooked on it too!

What a busy day…boy sometimes I sure wonder how you fit it all in 🙂

Oh my I MUST have a Hello Kitty bobble head doll!

That sounds like an amazingly relaxing weekend.

Hi Bobbi, if you are still in Bishop on Saturday and want to take a great kickboxing/yoga class, think about joining me at ClassItUpFitness in Mammoth Lakes (only a little further up 395 from Bishop). Let me know if you’d like more details! Safe travels north!

Oh man, you went to the right Dodger game! Not only was it exciting with all those home runs, but a hello kitty bobble head?!!? I would have gone to the game just for that! Glad you had a good time there and at Disney! I haven’t tried the Dole Whip yet, but whenever I get my butt to the park…which will probably be forever and a lifetime from now, I’ll certainly try it!

I love the Dole Whip. Oh man, I want one right now!!

The Dole Whip sounds delicious! Love that it’s vegan and pineapple! two great things.

Awww what a fun weekend 🙂 looks like a great time!! Nothing like a great weekend together to clear your head and relax!

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