Weekend Workout: Flipping Tires

WOW I feel like it’s already Thursday and it’s only Monday!! Do you ever have days like that? It must be because my weekend was JAMMED PACKED with all kind of amazing adventures.

Friday I got in my first “real” run since the marathon! It was 2.5 miles of glory! It felt good just to run for fun, no training, no intensions, just out for a run. I also did another awesome GPP workout, I am loving these workouts!


I also tried out my winnings from the Blend Retreat! A new plant protein called “Phood” made by Plant Fusion, check out all the amazing ingredients! LOVED the flavor!


I also got some fun new colored pants that  I finally busted out this weekend! Hello HOT PINK!


Did some Triathlon searching on Saturday …what’s next friends???


One the highlights of my weekend was checking out the first ever Juice Bar in town! It’s called Real, Raw, Live.


I got the Rockstawr, it was amazing! Excited to get back to JUICING this summer!!!


Gave me just the energy I needed for a 2 hour BOOTCAMP at my kickboxing gym!


Showed up and had no idea we would be flipping tires!


Pulling tires!



Pushing Tires!



Passing tires!




and jumping on TIRES!



Good thing I had these Pro Bar energy bites to get me through!!! I got these from Blend and I need to find some more ASAP!


Oh did I mention we also pulled chains?!


Nothing like sweating with FRIENDS for FUN!


The Hubby and I finally made a GROWN UP purchase this weekend! WE GOT A FRIDGE!!! I can not tell you how excited I am about this. We have my Mom’s hand me down fridge from the 80’s that sucks the life out of our electricity bill. I will give all the details on the fridge as soon as it gets in.


I also discovered my new favorite addition to my Green Monsters! Hello Fitmixer Energy!!! Love the coconut flavoring!

“fitmixer® clean energy® fuels your workout and provides the boost you need to stay on top of your game and achieve your fitness goals*. It contains Raspberry Ketones to help you burn fat quickly while maintaining energy levels throughout your workout*. It also delivers Palatinose®, a slow-burning carbohydrate designed to support sustained energy throughout the day*.”

Click on my link on the side bar to purchase some today!!!


I also have fallen in love with Coconut Cream in my smoothies as well.


I can’t get enough!


I had a really productive Sunday! Who’s a fan of checklists?


and giant salads filled with squash???


One of the biggest things on my check list is to finish some things in my home gym! Well friends, it is coming along just nicely Smile


We also said Happy Birthday to my sweet Grandma and resisted this BEAST!


Oh and today kicked off day 1 of the Summer Fitness Challenge at my Kickboxing Gym! I am teaching a interval/bags class on Monday and Wednesdays mornings at 6:15am, for the months of June and July!!!!  Today I also kicked off Summer Shred Round 2, the Extreme Summer Shred and another wonderful group of MAMA Shredders!!!!! Love all the women that are making BIG changes and getting healthy!!!!



Told ya it was a jammed packed weekend Winking smile

This week is pretty filled as well, we have BLENDS come to visit!!!!!! So excited to see Brittney and her husband on Wednesday!!!! They live in Kentucky so it is going to be a lot of fun to show them around.

Question: What do you think about tire flipping? Would it be a workout you would try?


10 responses to “Weekend Workout: Flipping Tires”

  1. PluvK Avatar

    Darn. I thought your Summer Shred started on the 1st, so I figured I was too late to sign up. 🙁 Next time, hopefully. As for tires, I would DEFINITELY try it! I’d probably regret it when my muscles start screaming at me, but it looks like a workout I could get into!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I’m definitely a fan of list making!
    Where did you get your planner?

  3. I love your flipping tires photos! You look like you are having a blast!

  4. So fun! And I’m so excited for you to have a real freezer now!! Yay!

  5. get it girl with the those tires!!!
    so jealous of our home gym 🙂

  6. I love tire flipping! We have some for boot camp and the ladies feel awesome doing it! Hard core stuff. The home gym is looking fabulous!

  7. The tiring flip is insane…you go girl! What a workout!

  8. Coconut cream? mhm that sounds amazing! Do you have a recipe posted using it? I would love to give it a try!!

  9. Totally badass with flipping those tires! What an awesome workout! And those colored pants are adorable on you… you totally pull them off!

  10. Have fun with Brittney!! And those tire exercises are insane! Good work.