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Darn. I thought your Summer Shred started on the 1st, so I figured I was too late to sign up. 🙁 Next time, hopefully. As for tires, I would DEFINITELY try it! I’d probably regret it when my muscles start screaming at me, but it looks like a workout I could get into!

Sounds like a fun weekend! I’m definitely a fan of list making!
Where did you get your planner?

I love your flipping tires photos! You look like you are having a blast!

So fun! And I’m so excited for you to have a real freezer now!! Yay!

get it girl with the those tires!!!
so jealous of our home gym 🙂

I love tire flipping! We have some for boot camp and the ladies feel awesome doing it! Hard core stuff. The home gym is looking fabulous!

The tiring flip is insane…you go girl! What a workout!

Coconut cream? mhm that sounds amazing! Do you have a recipe posted using it? I would love to give it a try!!

Totally badass with flipping those tires! What an awesome workout! And those colored pants are adorable on you… you totally pull them off!

Have fun with Brittney!! And those tire exercises are insane! Good work.

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