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Thanks so much you two. I just signed up for this race the other night after one too many glasses of wine. I have only run 4 marathons and 10 halfs and had such regret in the morning when I saw the confirmation e-mail. After reading you entries, I feel a bit better about the high elevation challenges. Being 49 years old, I should be more careful what I sign up for but you gave me calming feelings about this race. Looking forward to May and maybe I will see you two there.
P.S. you two are an adorable couple
Teresa Dulla

What a wonderful recap! I have to it made me tear up i was so excited for you by the end. Congrats!!

Congratulations Bobbi! That is super fast for a marathon! Would you be willing to share your 9-week training plan? I haven’t run a marathon since 2010 and I really want to do one this year. I would love to know how you trained! Thanks!!!

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Bobbi we are sooooo happy and soooo proud of you!! Great job girl!

Omgoodness! Amazing job! Your training was spot on. Congrats on BQ’ing (again!!!)

Wow your times are fantastic. Congrats! Also, I would totally be upset too if the expo wasn’t great.

amazing. loved reading the recap. you are so inspiring. thank you for your honesty & motivation <3

I’m so excited for you!! Awesome job– that must have felt amazing! I hope you do run Boston next year… i’m planning to as well (if I make it through the registration process with the other thousands who want in)… hope to see you there!

CONGRATS girl!!! Wow, you ROCKED that race & showed it who’s boss. WAY to go, Bobbi!! 🙂

Congrats! You did amazing!

Hi Bobbi, this is a great recap, so inspiring! I’ve been a longtime reader and you really are amazing!!
Just a quick question, is there a recap missing in the running recaps page? I could only find 7 full marathons recaps. Not that it’s not already a lot and I wish I could do that!!

OMG!! Flabbergasted with your speedy times! Amazing job Bobbi

Nice work!! Man, you are fast! I love that you ran straight into the ocean!

Great re-cap! I enjoyed the race vicariously through your IG over the weekend! Great job on checking off each of the goals that you had set for yourself!

Awesome! Looks amazing!

What an awesome race recap! I felt like I was there running with you. I’ve run 2 marathons and know all the hard work and determination it takes to finish. Congratulations on your excellent finish!

Yay! I’m so glad I got to see you at the finish!! You did an amazing job!

Congratulations!! You ran a fantastic race!! 🙂

Wow. Wow. Wow. You did an amazing job showing your emotions in this post….I teared up at the finish. Inspires me to train for my 1st 1/2 and full marathon! Thank you for sharing that! 🙂

Bobbi you are amazing!!! I so enjoyed this race recap. Your little ones will be so blessed to have you as their mom – a God-filled, loving, caring,determined and focused person that you are! And you’ve definitely motivated me to one day attempt a full marathon 🙂

That’s such a great recap Bobbi. You have been on my heart more and more as I think of you and Matt adopting. The Lord is working in you and it’s great to see it through your written words. Congratulations on such a strong race. Maybe I’ll run another full one day…

Congrats and btw great race photos!!

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