What’s a weekend look like without a baby shower, house warming, and birthday party? I wouldn’t know because September is full of them!

Yesterday was so busy, and so fun! Got to sleep in a little which meant I had to run late, and the sun was already beating down. I went out for a 5 mile run and ended up doing 6.2miles and a 30 minuet bag class! The run was nice, I ran the first three miles easy and then ran the last 3 miles at 7:15 which was hard, but I did it and that’s all that matters. When I finished I realized that I could make the last 30minutes of kickboxing and do the bags, so I drove straight to class. I love bags because it’s like doing weights, without the weights. It makes you sweat like crazy and it’s a great stress reliever. They really help tone up my arms, and with all the running I do I think it’s a good combo to get my upper body strong.

After the class, I had to run out and pick up two presents (in my sweatyness and all) one for a my friend Christina’s bday and for the Mulder families housewarming gift. I was pretty hungry so I ran into Jamba Juice and got me a Chunky Strawberry Yogurt, mmmmm…

I heard JC Penny was having an early bird sale so I made the trip. I walked around a bit, getting distracted by all the purses of course and then found two great gifts that I know they would love. It was a successful and quick shopping adventure.

I drove home to grab hubby because we had to go to play a softball game before all of the festivities. I didn’t have time to change and I didn’t really want to because I was just going to get all dirty anyways so he jumped in the car and we took off. I was wearing my running skirt and forgot that, thats probably a fashion no no, but whatever! I played real well though so I might be wearing that skirt more often:) I love playing with the hubby. It’s fun to have something to do actively together. In between games(we had two) I ran to Sbux and picked up one of their new protein platters, it was wonderful. Full of the perfect amount of fruit,complex carbs, and protein!

We came home and still didn’t have time to change, so I washed up and headed to the party in my running getup(I hope that I am not grossing anybody out). I think that is the wonderful thing about a running skirt, you don’t look as under dressed because it is a skirt. All I know is that I am happy that my hubby doesn’t care what I look like as long as I am happy, so off we went. The party had wonderful variety of Mexican food, and a salad bar. I just had a salad and shrimp because I didn’t want to spoil dinner. My friend Ging is a great hostess, and decorator her house looks so cute. We chatted a little and let Bosco play with Bogey(their new puppy) and then jetted off to head to party #2.

Yes I did finally change and looked all pretty and such, hadn’t blown my hair in over a month I forgot how long it is. I felt all fancy in my fall dress, it was Saturday night and I wanted to get all dolled up. We got to the party and all the girls were in dresses, so I am happy on my decision to wear a dress, hubby didn’t look to bad himself. We walked around and saw that their were three bars, adult beverages,food, and a CANDY bar. Forgot my camera sorry for the lack of photos. There was more Mexican food, we live in California what do you expect. Not to many healthy options and because I was running in the morning I didn’t want to get too full. Just had a tamale and some rice. We got a couple of chocolate covered strawberries from the candy bar, and a Bud Light with lime (my new favorite beer). We played poker with new friends, which was a lot of fun and then snuck out at 11 because I had to get up at 5:30 to run with Rachel. We went home and CRASHED!

Woke up this morning early had my morning coffee and a great 5 mile trail run with Rachel, twas so much fun. Miss having a running partner, I love the conversation and accountability. We started to talk about this upcoming weekends marathon which to tell you the truth I haven’t thought about it much. I am sure it will hit me soon. I came home and made me a yummy bowl of oats and had some ice coffee, should have had water.
So today hubby and I are having some time to ourselves,were calling it McCormick day of fun! We haven’t had a day with just the two of us in a while. We know it’s much needed. We plan on hetting to Victoria Gardens and window shopping, dinner, and seeing Fireproof. Can’t wait.


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