Quick post before I head out again for softball.

Yesterday was a Fantabuliouse(however you spell it) Friday!

I rode the bus again, which was nice. For my morning snack yesterday I had some peaches in my yogurt, it reminded me of a pina-colada because I had it with some coconut. I shall call this my 5 o’clock somewhere mini-meal.

Then for lunch, I am back to my yummy salad wagon again!

  • Romain lettuce mix
  • 1/2 tomato from my garden
  • couple pineapple chunks
  • small Can of salmon
  • almond slices
  • 1/2 avocado sliced
  • couple of squirts of balsamic vinegar mix

with half a whole wheat pita, and a not so ripe nectarine.

Then I caught the bus after work at 6:40pm so it was dark by the time we got to my drop off. Which meant I had to ride home in the dark, not smart when you don’t have very many street lights. I guess I need a head light or something. I really want a new bike too, because mine is just so heavy and I know if I had a road bike it would make such a big difference, so I am keeping my eyes out for a great steal! Here is my sad excuse for a bike as of now:

Then for dinner hubby was in charge, and made a delicious chicken paella(not sure how it’s spelled), from Dream Dinners! It was yummy, I just added a salad and was full.

Well that’s it for Friday can’t wait to tell you all about this weekend. Stay tuned for some more wonderful running stories and softball game adventures, oh and parties of course!


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