Weekend with the Mccormicks and family!

Our weekend together in pictures:

Saturday night cleaning and dinner

Breanna(niece) helping Auntie Bobbi Clean

Alysse (niece) showing Auntie Bobbi how much she loves her cooking!
Being a Ham
Ok she does like it!
Uncle Matt showing us how much he loves doing the dishes! Bosco Looking so innocent!
Sunday Morning:
Yummy Sunday Breakfast! Whole Grain Pancakes, with pb and bananas melted on top. Shot of Monavie, and some turkey bacon! After a 5 mile up hill bike ride!!! I am practicing the course for the sprint Tri next weekend, Lot’s of up hill! Eyes were bigger then tummy only ate one pancake:)

What got me through it all!!!

Celebrating Fall today. Headed to Oak Glen to meet the Bowe’s, to pick a pumpkin and some fresh apples! Will have to take lot’s of pics!


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