Weekend Workout

Happy Saturday Friends!

I am alive 🙂 Took yesterday off of blogging to get back to REAL life. I got my first workout in yesterday since been being sick and it felt amazing. I just went out for an easy 5 mile run. I promise I did take it easy! It really feels good to be myself again. I took off this morning from working out, because I want to really make sure my body fully recovers before I dive right back into training, don’t want to risk getting sick all over again!

Time for another Weekend Workout!

What You Need: Timer + 5-10lb free weights + YOU!

about 45 minutes

Ok so this is a fun way to push yourself without the pressure. Do the following circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes. Keep track of how many times you get through it, then next time you do it try and beat that number!

10 pushups
20 alternating lunges
10 burpees
20 mountain climbers
20 jumping jacks
25 crunches
20 jump squats
Then: Do this circut of weights 3X
Bicep Curl with a Shoulder Press-15 reps
Tricep Kickbacks -15 reps
Lateral raises, front and side -15 reps
Chest Press (lying on the ground)-15 reps
Then: reat this set 2x
50 bicycle crunches
25 lower leg lifts
50 basic crunches
1 minute Plank

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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