Hi Friends!

Hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday with family and friends. Here is a fun little weekend workout for you all to try at home!! It’s not too late to get in a little cardio workout.


What you will need:You and an open space.
Time:30-40 minutes

Do each set 2 times and then move on to the next set. Or if you want more of a challenge do the set 3x’s!

Set #1.
1. (20) Sumo Squats
2. (20) Leg Lifts
3. (25) Jump Squats
Cardio Blast: (15) Up Downs

Set #2.
1. (10 each side) Single Leg Dead Lift
2. (20)Tricep Dips
3. (15) Pushups
Cardio Blast: (30) Mountian Climbers

1.(10 each side) side plank crunches
2.( 20) plank to full planks
3. (20) scissor crunches
Cardio Blast: 180 degree squats

Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

P.S. I can’t belive last year this time I was getting ready to run the Chicago Marathon with three of my favorite ladies, Kelly, Meghann, and Theodora!