What Music Feeds Your Soul

I made it through my first day back at school. It actually was a very smooth and easy going day. My kids are so cute, they all ran up to me and gave me the biggest hugs:) That fed me soul!

This morning I woke up and was STARVING! I ate a late dinner last night because I didn’t get home from kickboxing until 9:30. So I just heated up some leftover balsamic vinegar vegetables, ww rice, and green beans. I guess it just wasn’t enough. The past two nights I have slept HORRIBLY! I am not sure what it is. Hubby has gotten up at 4am both mornings, and so have I am usually a hard sleeper so I don’t know why I am getting up. I have also had some bad nightmares. When I was younger I had a lot of night terrors, their horrible. I hope they never come back!

So to feed my mad hunger I didn’t even want to take the time to make oats, so I went with an everything but the kitchen sink type of cereal. A little Puffins, Zoe’s Almond Granola, Natures Path Granola Plank, Pecans, Almond Milk and a spoonful of Organic PB.

december27th 001 

december27th 006

And an orange, you might see a lot of these in the next posts, our tree is overflowing with them.

december27th 005 


The running buddy and I are planning some future runs in the near future, and it’s getting me pumped for training. She found some TRAIL race series that I think sound really fun. The OC Chili Winter Trail Series, February 7th, March 8th, and April 4th. All races are 4 miles, and in a beautiful scenic park in the OC. The trail races, remind me of Cross Country race in high school. Have you ever done a trail run? Do you like them better or worse then road races?


I think music is a great way to feed one’s soul. I love listening to so many different types of music, and many of them feed my soul. Chris Tomlin’s New CD, Hello Love is currently feeding my soul. I also love me some Italian Opera, and old hymns. What music feed’s your soul?

After work I am doing some more AKB and then having dinner with the Spencer’s. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday, BE HEALTHY and KEEP MOVING!

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