Happy weekend!!! I have been waiting for this day all week 🙂 I actually don’t have any set plans on a Saturday in over a MONTH! WOW.

Last night after I got off work I went for a 7 mile tempo run. The workout was 1 mile warm up and then 6 miles at an 8:05 pace. Which was actually a lot slower then I ended up finishing. I ran the entire 7 miles including the warm up in under 47 minutes 🙂

After my run I couldn’t wait to join new friends, Ryan and CC for dinner at their casa. I brought the bottle of Cab that I received as a gift from F&E on Thursday. It was actually really good. Smooth and fruity.


This was supposed to be my excited face that the work week was over…lol


Jacqueline my boss and her old roommate CC.


CC’s husband made us a fabulous Italian dinner. I love spiral noodles, they are a lot more fun to eat.


Camera not in focus oops! This was a home made marinara sauce with fresh spicy Italian sausage.


The garlic bread was my best friend 🙂


My plate. We also had edameme beans for some green 🙂


We chatted for several hours around the table and then Ryan brought out the magnificint brownie pie …drool.


oooo lal la


Topped with some Vanilla Bean ice-cream, I was done for!!


I love dinner parties at homes. It is so much more fun to take your time eating and just talking about whatever without feeling rushed or having to yell over the entire restaurant.


This morning it felt great to sleep in until 7:30! I am excited to hit up KB this morning for an hour and a half of bags and drills. I made myself a little Bagel Thin and PB to give me the energy that I am soooooo going to need.


Task List for Today:

  • KB
  • Take things back at Marshalls
  • Clean house
  • Bake some cookies for Easter
  • Make Video for Open Sky 
  • RELAX!


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