When Wifey Is Away… The Boys Get To Play!! (Part 2)

OK guys, Hubby here. As most of you know, Bobbi has been gone Wednesday Evening til late tonight. It has been truly different to have the house to myself for that long. So in honor of the last time Bobbi left us boys alone (CLICK HERE for Part 1), here’s a recap of things us boys did:

1) I ate super healthy, Bosco did not.
2) I got several good nights of sleep, so did Bosco.
3) I made some wonderful dinners, Bosco helped.
4) I played PlayStation with a good buddy for a whole evening, Bosco just watched.
5) Bosco itched his head with his back foot, I tried, but I am not that flexible, and Bosco laughed at me.
6) Bosco relieved himself in the backyard, and I …
7) I picked wonderful food from our garden, Bosco enjoyed the fruits of my labor.
8) I did some yard work, Bosco fertilized the yard.
9) I did some graphic design work from my business and for Forest Home, Bosco ate ice.
10) I drank some adult beverages with a good friend, Bosco got sloshed.

Yup, that’s what we did……
Oh, wait…. You want pictures?!? Pushy are we?

Well, I didn’t get a whole lot of photos because I was too lazy to take photos and Bosco doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so he wasn’t going to take photos… plus he has astigmatism.



I did cook. It is my Southern Vinegar Chicken seasoned with Charles Vergos’ Rendezvousu Chicken Rub. We had some brown rice and black beans to help compliment the chicken and Flat Tire / Sierra-Nevada / Midori Sour to refresh us.


<< Dang Flash >>

Anyways, that proves that I did at least cook one meal. So what else did I eat you ask… Food fresh for the garden. Then you might ask, “I thought you hate vegetables”… I do. But when we got this house, I made sure that we grew some unique trees, vines and plants that I would be able to partake in.

So I was lucky at the timing of Bobbi’s departure because we really had a small amount left in my garden.

Here’s my pizza tree. Yes, pizza tree. It is a unique tree only grown in this area of the I.E. (Inland Empire). It is like a “Granny Smith Apple”, but it is called a “Mini Pearl Pizza”.


It comes from the Gourmet Pizza Shoppe line of pizza trees.

A Mini Pearl includes: Mashed Potatoes, Southern Gravy, Chicken Tenders, Mozzarella Cheese and Seasoned Salt.



I think that the next batch of pizzas will bloom sometime around the Ragnar Relay of SoCal (in April 2010)… Anyways, that pizza lasted me 2 lunches and a dinner, woot!

So what else did I get from the garden for food?


It’s kinda hard to see, but if you look in the upper left corner, you will see one of my last 2 chicken pockets on my “Lean Pockets” vine.


Several years ago when the “Lean Pockets” brand was coming on strong, I decided to plant this vine instead of the regular “Hot Pockets” vine because I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed with less trans fat in my healthy diet… (Even though sometimes after I cook this pocket, the middle could end up being nuclear hot in the middle or frozen tundra of Lambeau Field cold), but that’s the chance that I will take.

So finally the last garden delight that I did enjoy was my “Tart de ‘Pop’ con Cereza”.


This is my wonderful international plant. I’m pretty sure that if you translate it to English, it is something like “Popping of Cherry Tarts” or something like that… It been awhile since I took that Mexicanise language or what ever international language that Spicy Cherry Tarts are from.


So those are my photos from our “Boys Nights In” extended weekend.
Oh yeah, one night I did get 12+ hours of sleep and that same night, Bobbi got 2 hours of sleep on a high school’s gym floor…. I win! Also, you should join our Forest Home e-newsletter. The first one comes out really soon and you will be able to get to see my design (with banner designed by Nate-Dogg).

Anyways, Bobbi is on her way home now. I have 11 hours to clean up this house before Bobbi gets home. It is going to be down to the wire, so “Holla!”

— Hubby


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