Where Did it GO?!

Is anyone else looking at the calendar this morning and asking WHERE DID OCTOBER GO?! I can’t believe it already October 20th!!! I have only 6 more weeks till my next marathon, I better get serious already. I have a couple races coming up to get me prepared:

I had to head to work early this morning because of my X-country meet this afternoon so I made a bright GM to-go! Don’t worry I am not driving :).

blog 128

I tried to get the scenery in with the GM, but looks like I blocked it… such a beautiful drive up to work. 

blog 130

I am currently enjoying a warm cup of Candy Cane Green Tea I got at TJ’s this weekend, sooooooo good! You all must go out and get some, get’s you right in the Holiday spirit. 

blog 131

Tackling Tuesday gotta run!

Question: What’s your favorite tea?


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