Who Knew Applebees Could Be So Healthy?!

Tonight after work I hit up a 30 minute bags class at my gym. It’s 30 minute hard core punching bags with a lot of arm and ab work! I got to wear another one of the wonderful tank tops that Danskin sent me to review, I love the color isn’t it pretty? I will give a full review of this tank this weekend. Skinny Bride took the pictures after class.



Then I went to Applebee’s to meet up with an old friend Kelly we had some major catching up to do, and Hubby had to work so it worked out perfectly.


I first had a small house salad, with everything on it, I am running 20 miles in the morning I need all the FUEL I can get!


I ordered the Garlic Chicken, with veggies and red potatoes. I ate most of the chicken but I ordered another small portion of potatoes. This meal was on the Weight Watchers Menu, I needed more CARBS!  Overall it was yummy, but 3 hours later as I sit here and type this my tummy is growling:(


Have you been to Applebee’s? This was my second time visiting in YEARS, I was sad that I couldn’t order dessert!!! Lot’s of praying went on tonight:)Well folks I am off to bed. Great news thought I got my new shoes(long story) in the mail today just in time for my 20 mile run tomorrow at 4:30am!

Night Night!


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