Why Angie Runs Marathons

Hello, N Her Shoes, readers!

I am Angie, from Angie Eats Peace

I have 3 marathons under my fuel belt, thus far, and am training for my fourth.
I know many times people think I am absolutely insane, for actually wanting to run 26 miles.
I can understand that perspective, and I know it is a bit weird to be excited to wake up at 4 AM, on weekend, just to get a long run in, but there are many reasons why I do it, and would like to share some of those with you:

I run marathons because I can.

Running has made me so aware, and more appreciative than ever before, for my health and abilities. I think so often, in the past, I would take my health for granted, and not fully realize the absolute blessing it is to be able to have full use of my limbs, organs and complete body. I have been given the gift of life, and I want to make the most of it.

I run marathons for the serenity of training.

Training goes hand in hand with running marathons, and those mid-week training runs have such a relaxing effect on me.I know pounding on the pavement does not sound like the most relaxing experience, but it definitely has a calming, stress relief aspect, for me.
Some days, I feel like my life moves 100 miles/minute. I work both a full & part-time job, and have a long commute.

On particularly stressful days, running has become my saving grace. In the past, I would stress eat (or drink) my cares away, but now running has become a healthier alternative.

There are so many times when I feel stressed or agitated at the start of my run, and by the end, I can not even remember what was bothering me, before.Running truly gives me that alone time I need, to clear my mind and sort things out. I feel much calmer, and clear-headed, after I have the stress of my day, out of my head.

I run marathons for the challenge.

I have always liked to challenge myself. I am extremely goal-oriented, and I do not see a point in doing anything with less than my best efforts.
After I finished all my schooling (7 long years of college to earn my Bachelors, Masters and Credential), I needed a new goal.

I had always been used to working a going to school, and I would thrive off of working towards my degrees. Once I had them, I knew I wanted to work towards something else.
About one week after I completed school, I joined the Loma Linda Lopers, my running group.

I thought I would just check it out, and see if I liked it. I never imagined I would work my way up to a marathon, in 6 months.

However, I became addicted and loved that nearly each week was a new Personal Distance record.I love continuing to set new goals, and work hard toward them. This year, I really want to focus on increasing my speed, and setting new PR’s.

I run marathons for the friendships.

One of the absolute best things about my running group, is the amazing people I have met.
Runners are good people.

No, seriously. I tend to find that people who run are generally happier and fun to be around.I have never run a whole marathon alone. There has always been someone from my running group, or other friends, who have helped support me along the course.
I love that I am able to combine my healthy hobby with socializing.

I run marathons so I can eat.

Who am I kidding? I run to burn tons of calories, so I can consume tons of calories.
I am only half joking when I say that, but, seriously, how fun is carb loading?!
I just have to be careful that I do not keep eating like I am training for a full marathon, when I am only doing a half!




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