Why Did They Send Me CHOCOLATE!?

Today when I got home this sample bar finally arrived in the mail….


I have been dying to try one of these, and now I have to wait 34 DAYS! Tonight more then ever I could SO EAT THIS!


Snack 11:00am: Greek Yogurt,Flax Granola,1/2 nanner, and some bb’s.


Lunch 12:30 pm: Largest SALAD I have ever made! Romaine,peppers,cucumbers,celery,sliced apple,2 large strawberries,wheat berries,black eyed peas,and light laughing cow cheese.


TJ’s Hummus


and some POP Chips, loved this flavor! This was my last bag of my winnings:(


Snack #2 4pm: Greek Yogurt,1/2 nanner and some granola+1 chicken Dino

4 5


When I got home Hubby and I cleared out the living room and did level 2 of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred Video. I love my husband for doing this with me, what a MAN! Then it was TACO TUESDAY! I wanted something different tonight in my taco, and I was craving some of Meghann’s BBQ Tofu. Yes I did it, I made a BBQ Taco.

For the inside stuffing’s, I mixed 1/4 of a block firm diced tofu, 1/4 cup of frozen peas, and a red bell pepper. Sprinkled with McCormick’s taco Seasoning:)


I plopped it on top of some black eye peas in a whole wheat tortilla, and drizzled some Famous Bob’s BBQ Sauce. I forgot I wanted to put some light laughing cow cheese on the tortilla, so after this photo I stuffed it in their:)


Served with some leftover whole wheat orzo, wild rice salad.


mmmm…the combination of bbq sauce tofu and Swiss cheese was STELLAR! I know it looks weird, but it tasted so wonderful. Taco night shall never be the same. I was still hungry a bit after and wanted to EAT CHOCOLATE, but I went straight for a peach and made some tea.


I am currently working on a plan for the “skinny bride”. She is very active, so it is really the diet that she needs to change. Her goal is to lose 40 pounds by October. I know she can do it! Right now she needs some snack ideas to keep her going through the day….

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

Alright folks its almost 9 and I haven’t had my Yoga fix for the day, I have a 5am wake up call to run with a new buddy!

Night Night


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