Why SHe Runs Marathons

Why would any sane person even think of trying to run a marathon? Are marathoners even remotely sane?

As I begin preparing for my next marathon in June I thought I would write a little something about why I run marathons, TO HELP PROVE I am not that crazy, or it might just make the insanity case stronger 😉

#1. I run marathons because of the TRAINING. I think anyone who has trained for anything like a marathon knows that it takes a lot of discipline and extreme dedication to finish. When I sign up for a marathon and pay the fortune I know that I am committed and will finish no matter what, I think that might be part of the reason marathons cost an arm, leg, foot, and a lung.

#2. I run marathons because I CAN. I think even the average person can run a marathon if they are physically capable and I am blessed with a body that can handle my feet slamming into the hard road about 26,000 times. Maybe my body won’t always be able to put up with this torture, but for now I will run because I CAN.

#3. I run marathons for the CHALLENGE. I am always up for a good competitive race against myself, it’s what drives me, pushes me, and keeps me passionate about living. When training for a marathon, I have a purpose for each of my runs. We all need challenges and the sense of euphoria that comes from achieving a difficult personal goal. Most of us can never stand on the Moon or the summit of Everest, but we might be able to run a marathon!

#4. I run marathons, because it’s one of the things I EXCEL at. Their are few things in my life that I would say I might be a little bit better in then average person, but running is one of them. God blessed me with the ability to run fast and love it! I know I am no Olympic runner, but I think that there are very few people(well in comparison to the entire population) in the world that love to run marathons FAST. So my philosophy if God gives you the gift of doing anything don’t just do it, but do it WELL!!!

#5. Lastly I run marathons, because it’s an attainable GOAL. I would love to do an Iron Man one day, but today I will stick to marathons. I can run anytime, with just me and the shoes on my feet. No need for a bike or a pool. I love that running is so cheap(well minus the shoes, gear, entry fees..). You can do it no matter where you are! The best part about doing a marathon is that I can get the joy like non other from achieving one of the craziest thing that a HUMAN being does, for a such a minimal price 🙂


Calling for Guest Posts!!!

So friends, this is why I run marathons. Now it’s your turn. If you run marathons, tri’s, extreme sports, or anything that makes you feel accomplished send me your story I would love to post it.


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