Hubby and I played my new Wii Fit I got from Santa for Christmas instead of doing my Jillian DVD I will have to do it on Thursday. It was a lot of fun setting up our profiles check out some fun video coverage below…(sorry it’s so dark!) WTF is all I have to say!

After our Biggest Loser workout we headed to the kitchen to make us a His and Her dinner. I love it when Hubby helps me in the kitchen (hint hint)!Tonight I turned to my wok, because you can cook just about anything in it and it’s SUPER FAST! Tonight I was looking forward to making dinner at home but I didn’t want to anything that was going to take a while to cook, because I was impatient!!!

He says Chicken, She says Tofu!


Hubby’s chicken, green beans, and corn stir fry! 


I went with a more traditional style stir-fry..kinda


Tofu, Spinach, Broccoli, Eggplant, Butternut Squash, and Mixed Veggies!

Hubby and I polished off the rest of the Martinelli’s  from Christmas.


I found the perfect spot in the house to work tonight. 


There is nothing like sitting next to the fire with a warm cup of Hot Coco with Whipped Cream to make a day complete! 
 IMG_5646  IMG_5648 IMG_5649

Almost done with my NY’s Goals and 2009 recap! Hubby and I are going to work until 8pm and then play a little Rock band!!!

I am planning on running 8 miles with Mr.Rick and Fast Jill tomorrow so it might be an early night!