Will Run for Friends!

Happy Saturday to everyone! Exciting news today, I ran 13 miles with my new Running Group:) I had to decide between 2 groups in the area, and because this one is closer, I decided to give it a go. They all met at 6:30am at the local Panera Bread parking lot, and split up into groups. I went out with a group that was running 13 miles, because all the other groups were doing less. The group I ran with already had done 8 miles this morning and were just swinging my to pick up more folks.

This group is filled with a lot of Marathon Maniacs, and Ultra-Runners! It was so fun hearing all their marathon stories, and they wanted to know all about me as well. There is one guy who is trying to do one marathon in every state this year, WOW what an amazing goal. Most of the runners were twice my age, but still had a lot to chat about. Apparently there is a group of faster and younger runners in the group that meet up at 4AM, on Saturdays. I am going to check them out next week, even the thought of waking up at 3:15am to get there on time FREAKS me out. Most of them are training for some kind of marathon, and even Boston!


Distance: 13 miles
Time: 2:08
Average Pace: around 9;30 not sure about the average speed they were a slower pace group, which was good fro me I didn’t want to kill myself.
Calories Burned: 1,500!

After the run (which I felt great doing), we sat at Panera and had breakfast. I ordered an egg Sammy with tomato on WW bread. Sorry no pic. We all chatted about races and life it was enlightening. I can not wait to meet with them next weekend!

Here is a preview of my EATS, and TEMPTATIONS from Yesterday:

Temptation #1 Bag of M&M’s


Temptation #2  Cake Batter Ice-Cream

photo1 I had to serve this and I didn’t even lick my fingers!!!!

To curve my craving I had one of these:


For dinner it was FRIDAY PIZZA NIGHT! I was going to try and attempt to make homemade pizza dough, but I didn’t realize it takes a long time.Next time I ll make it on a Saturday. So Boboli saved the day!!!

If you have been reading I said that there was some changes going to be happening in the McCormick household, while I am happy to announce that my little brother (he’s 20) Steven will be staying with us for a little while. His roommates were all going there separate ways, so he needed a place to stay. When he asked me, I couldn’t have said yes any faster! I always worry about my little bro, and now I don’t have too. Not sure how long he is going to be staying, but I am going to make the best out of the time we have with him. So he enjoyed pizza night with us too.

Their Pizza: Turkey Sausage with Cheese for Hubby, and I added olives and pineapple for my bro, he is NOT a picky eater!




Her Personal Size Pizza: Onions, peanuts,olives


Spinach and tofu5

Goat Cheese, and Pineapple 


I only ate half, and had a salad on the side. I should have eaten the whole thing but I wasn’t hungry at the time. I give the Boboli Crust a B+ still not as good as the Costco brand we couldn’t find.


Plans for today:

  • Need-A-Sitter business taken care of
  • play outside with Bosco
  • make a shopping list
  • Bake for some friends
  • go bowling with friends

Question: What would be your ideal workout partner???


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