Wining and Dining

Productive and lovely evening.

On the way home I was able to swing by my little bro’s place and give him some leftovers that I know he will enjoy, he eats so much take out and no REAL food! He may be 19 but it will catch up on him. When I got home hubby made a fire, blasted some Kenny G Miracles, I poured a glass of wine and started on dinner. Tonight I made an easy chicken pot pie recipe from Cooking Light. It was so EASY and turned out PERFECT! I will be having this for leftovers tomorrow for sure.

I wrapped a few presents while watching some SUV we taped last night. Thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday dinner suggestions, I think I have the perfect dinner planned for my daddy’s birthday dinner on Friday night. I pulled a lot from old mags:

The Menu:


Autumn Salad: Romaine And Radicchio, Tomato Wedges, Wheatberry Sprinkles (Wheatberries, Dried Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds, Golden Raisins, Chopped Carrots, Scallions, In Molasses And Balsamic Vinegar) And goat cheese.
Main Dish


Special Delivery from Mr. McCormick’s Bakery!

I think I found the best pic for our Christmas card, what do yo think???


December 1: I took a scenic route to work, it was beautiful and neat to see new things!

December 2: Crawled into a tiny princess tent full of stuffed animals, it was cozy and made me want to be 7 again!!! lol..I never had a pink tent when I was 7 shoot or 8 or 9 …..!

December 3: My friend gave me a Rod Stewart CD I listened to it, and I LOVED IT! My first Rod Stewart experience, I have been missing out!

I didn’t get a chance to photograph the winnings of the POTM because all the winnings haven’t come in yet…hopefully tomorrow! Well I AM OUT HERE will have to catch up on all your blogs in the AM, I have a 5AM spin class!!!


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