Winner, Winner, BBQ Dinner

Before we get to the winner of Hubby’s Memphis BBQ Give-Away (I see you scrolling down) let me share our Friday evening in pictures since it is almost 11pm here and I still need to pack!!!



Wine 🙂


Attempt #1






Hubby to the rescue!


My Toppings


My Pizza


Hubby’s pizza. Mashed potatoes, corn, chicken tenders, and cheese.






Catching up on emails


My little bro helping me find good music for my playlist. LOVED ALL OF YOURS!



Hey Guys, Hubby here …

Sorry in my delay in announcing a winner of my give-away. I have been a tad sickly all week, but before I announce the winner …. Let’s answer your questions first…

1) What’s the best part about being married to a blogger?
A) All of the free stuff that she gets to review! It is also kinda fun when people come up to me and say “I follow your wife’s blog!” and “I love your guest posts” out of nowhere.

2) What’s your favorite dinner that Bobbi cooks?
A) I love Pizza Fridays!!

3) What’s your morning routine (and what you do the evening before to get ready, if that’s applicable!)
A) Three weekdays a week I play full court basketball at a local high school starting around 5:30am. The two other weekdays mornings I get up at 4:30am and start working on either my side business or start working early for Forest Home. And I go to bed early the night before…. which would be every weeknight.

4) Tips for biking…
A) Don’t do it without having a pillow for a seat, because seriously, those seats are too hard!!

5) Tips for running in the heat…
A) You crazy?! Don’t do it! I don’t even run on perfect days. Perfect days and non-perfect days are reserved for playing softball/baseball.

6) Do you give out any silly awards as Athletic Director at the banquet?
A) No we didn’t. The school is not ready for me to do that. In fact, they can’t handle me. Not many can.

7) What’s your favorite Southern food? Country ham? Collard greens? Beans made with hamhock and cornbread?
A) My favorite is Purple Hull Peas. They’re like Black Eyed Peas, but not. Those and my dad’s biscuits.

8 ) So what are the tricks to growing pizza in the garden :)
A) Can’t give out all of my family secrets!

9) Do you ever feel guilty for not eating as healthy as Bobbi?
A) I have my moments of weakness… then I eat a McGriddle… then feel better. But seriously, I wish I would eat better, but I hate the taste of a lot of food… so Chicken for me!

10) Do your habits rub off on each other?
A) Not really. My sayings rub off, but not eating habits.

11) What’s the unhealthiest thing you have been able to convince Bobbi to eat?
A) Not a full meal, but she will take bites from my Bacon Cheeseburgers and Garlic Fries…

12) How often do you workout with Bobbi?
A) Hardly ever. I do most of my workouts playing sports. So early in the morning or late at night.

13) Ever plan on running a marathon with her?
A) Not really. I figure I might run 1 marathon in my life, but I would never practice for it. I rather do it in 5 hours and call it a day and say that I did it. I HATE HATE HATE running. The only running I do involves a sport with a ball.

14) We really don’t see you eat veggies ever… do you like any at all?
A) I don’t eat a variety of veggies. I have my staples… Corn, Potatoes, Green Beans, Purple Hull Peas, Carrots, Lima Beans, & Butter Beans

15) What the one food you can not live without?
A) Bread!!!!

16) Do you guys discuss what she is going to share beforehand?
A) Not really. Bobs wants to be real and I let her, but she knows where the boundaries are.

Thanks for the questions!

So here’s the winner to my Memphis Give-Away, via is ………………………. Amy B. from Second City Randomness.



THANKS HUBBY for hosting such a great give-away! Amy send me your full name and address so we can get your winnings to you!!!



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