{WMOW} Puma Fitness 20 Minute Workout

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

Good morning friends! Loved reading about all your fun plans from Labor Day Weekend… sounds like everyone enjoyed their weekend.

I had the chance to participate in my first PUMA campaign and was blessed with new bright workout gear and sneakers.

First up is their Tech Performance Tank and Capris and it feels so soft and silky!!!

Pretty cool that it is made with coconut fibers! They call it “Cocona Technology” which is suppose to help with whisking and odor. Ok, so I was pretty stoked about these Capris for two reasons: (1) being they are PINK (I am always afraid to buy colored Capris and end up just sticking with black even though I love color) and (2) they have a drawstring so my pants won’t fall down!

I will have to do a better review on these Capris as soon as I have a chance to wear them.


I did, however, have a chance to wear the tank on my run on Sunday and LOVED it! I love that it’s not tight to your skin and breathes. I actually really love this periwinkle purple color as well. I honestly feel like I was running without a shirt… that’s how light it was.


It’s a racerback and would be great with Capris, but I just had to wear a skirt because it was 90 degrees out when I started to run! This material is amazing because as I was sweating, the shirt was helping me to stay cool! No joke, I would buy this tank even if it wasn’t sent to me!


Puma also sent me their new Puma Formlite XL Ultra Shoes to try. This is definitely a nice light, barefoot type shoe for those gym workouts! I am not sure it would be great for any long distance running. The colors are a lot of fun though and I am glad I got black, because I don’t own any black gym shoes!

They are also super breathable and I really didn’t feel like I was wearing a shoe at all while still having some stability, but not a lot. I learned that they are super flexible as my hubby picked them up and bent them in half so easily.


As part of this campaign, I’ve also completed a pinning-ready workout, perfect for {WMOW} Wednesdays! I created a sweaty 20-minute full body PUMA workout for you all to try out!

Do each workout move: Plank, Under Overs, Mountain Climbers, and Ab Roll for 1 minute each. In between exercises, rest for 15 seconds before you move on to the next one. Repeat the entire circuit four times! YOU WILL BE DRIPPING!!!


Be sure to tag me @nhershoes and @PUMA on Twitter and/or Instagram. If you try the workout use the hashtag #pumafitness! Let me know what you think!

* Even though this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Do you wear any PUMA gear?


2 responses to “{WMOW} Puma Fitness 20 Minute Workout”

  1. I have yet to wear any Puma gear, but it all sounds awesome! I especially love the tank!

  2. I have never worn PUMA gear, but I love those capris! Great workout, can’t wait to try.