Women’s Road Cycling Clinic

Yesterdays Women’s Road Cycling Clinic was exactly what I needed. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Easton and I got to know each other really well. I can’t believe how organized everything was, I was impressed.


I wasn’t so impressed by the breakfast selection. Not that it was bad, I just could have made the same thing at home.


Black coffee, half a ww bagel + almond butter, and a banana.


After I had a bite to eat  I headed over to the guys checking on tire pressure and got Easton’s tires all pumped up.


Then it was time for lesson #1: Riding in a Pace Line.


I was in the beginner group do everyone was learning together. I felt super comfortable asking questions and trying new things together.


We took off on our first ride and learned how to learn in a line. When you ride in a Pace Line you keep your tire super close to the tire of the person in front of you. It reminded me of what you would do if you were drafting behind a semi truck. These lines are so that each person can share the effort in taking the wind. It’s the most efficient way to ride.


After about an hour of riding we took a water break. I tried an Unsweetened Strawberry OWATER, basically tasted like water downed strawberries. Rather have just drank water.


The we hit up the road for 2 more hours of riding. We took on hill intervals, which actually I felt pretty good at. Then we moved on to learning how to eat and drink while riding, I picked it up quick. I felt so GREAT on Easton today! There is something about riding on a bike that makes me feel like a kid again. I think I have fallen in love.

Lunch was Chipotle!!! I enjoyed a veggie burrito with guac.


One tired girl.


After we got off our bikes and had lunch we headed over to 4 different work shops. My first one was all about basic bike maintenance.


Things I learned:

  • A chain is only good for 3000-4000 miles
  • Your chain gets stretched. It should be one inch between each notch.
  • You will need a new casests (the thing your chain is on) eventually
  • Best thing to have with you is a  tool pod or Alan wrench
  • Tubes: Make sure the stem long enough
  • Tires wear out : The more tread the more road resistance (not lite)
  • Michelin pro grip 3 is a great tire
  • Break pads will wear out over time you can tell my the a minimum line on it. You can buy replacements there cheap
  • How often do you inflate your tires?  Should make sure their pumped before every ride.


Another water break: Sport OWATER, I really liked this one!! It has 100% natural ingredients.


Workshop #2: Massage and Stretching


What I learned:

  • Butterfly stretch is great for cyclists
  • If a muscle is tight stretch it if it’s soar stretch it’s partner. Do not stretch a soar muscle.
  • How much water should I drink?: Take your weight divide by two drink this in oz’s if your inactive more if your active
  • If you get a cramp give yourself an Indian burn
  • Great product: Firewalker foot cream, Cool and fit
  • Have antioxidants before your ride
  • For Shin splints or soar IT band, Rub a frozen Gatorade bottle on it.
  • Tight spine put legs above your head and against a wall and pillow under low back.


Workshop #3: Yoga



The last session was about Criteriam Racing, it was interesting has me thinking. I don’t think I will ever do a Criteriam Race but I would like to try it at least once!!

At the end of the day we had a guest speaker Erica Davis talk about her journey as a Hand Cyclist. Her story is super motivating, got me pumped up!!


Then it was Q and A time, but we were all pretty tired so there weren’t too many questions.


I feel so empowered to take on the road now!!!! I can’t believe I waited this long to get a road bike. Tri-atholons here I come!!!

This morning when I woke up Bosco was already doing his morning Yoga 😉


I am headed down to the beach for my 20 mile long run!! I figured if I am going to run for 3+ hours it might as well be pretty 🙂


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