Work Christmas Party 2009

Good evening friends, I am one super tired girl so I will have to make this quick!!!

First stop was Hubby’s boss’s house for a little Hors D’ Oeuvres and  Cider before heading over to Mill Creek a local Restaurant for our Work Christmas Party.

bobbi 191 

There are about 100 full time employees that filled the hall.

bobbi 193

On our tables were these mugs filled with goodies! 

bobbi 194


bobbi 195

My Hot Date! 

bobbi 197

The Yarbroghs (spelling?) love them! 

bobbi 202

Dinner was very similar to my lunch. Instead of tri-tip I went with the chicken and filled up on veggies! I also gave my roll to the Hubby.

bobbi 199

Hubby’s BORING plate. 

bobbi 200

We had a fun raffle, which we won nothing from :( 

bobbi 204

Dessert was Apple Cobbler so glad I waited all day for this! 

bobbi 203

I also got to bring our centerpiece home, which will be perfect for our Christmas Dinner Party on Friday Night! 

bobbi 201

Such a fun and exhausting day, only 3 more days until HOLIDAY!!! I love where I work, I feel so blessed to work for a company that truly cares about taking care of all of their employees in more then just a material way.

I am now going to pass out…. 


See you all in the morning! 


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