Work Out Tip Wednesday


I went to work yesterday and got much accomplished! Organized and cleaned like a mad women. I left at 3pm and called Melissa to see if she wanted to go for a run (since I missed my run in the morning), I called her at the perfect time because her and her hubby were going for a run too!!! So I joined them, we did a great 4 mile run with NO GARMIN and NO IPOD. It was nice to chat and enjoy the beautiful day. After we were done, we had the best orange ever wish I would have taken a picture. Then we decided to hit up the mall to spend some gift card I got got for Christmas.

We had a blast, and spent about 2 hours there before we started getting SUPER hungry. We called the hubby’s and asked if they wanted to meet up for dinner. They were cool with whatever so it was up to US to make the decision  of course. I was supposed to go to AKB and Kettle bell class but decided against it because I wanted to take advantage of hanging out with friends( I used to not hang out with friends as much because I would choose exercise over social time). While we were at Melissa’s we snacked on some cheese and crackers, I had one two many because I got full! lol After several deliberations we decided to go to Claim Jumpers.


Claim Jumpers we nice, and I should have tried something new, but I went the same thing I had last time, Asian Pear Salad and Chicken Tortilla Soup Combo. But this time I had a Light Beer. Haven’t a Beer in FOREVER! After dinner we headed back the Melissa and Brandon’s house and played games, Mexican Train Dominos,Outburst ( old school version), Set, and then the boys played some Xbox while us girls read magazines.



We didn’t get home until 12:30am, so I slept in until 9am! I am so loving this vacation, I think that is like our 6th time staying up past 11! I feel like I am in college again🙂 This morning I had a bowl of cereal because I STILL haven’t made it to the grocery store, and used the last of the milk! I love being on vacation but I need to get my butt back in a healthy eating routine! Seeing as today is the last day of 2008, I will enjoy it for all it’s worth but starting tomorrow I am going on a DETOX! lol…

Tonight were going to Knott’s Berry Farm with my two BFF’s and there Hubby’s, its a fun amusement park and tonight there having live concerts featuring, Kutless, Brandon Heath, Addison Road, and more! Were meeting at Islands first and then playing in the park till 2am! Needless to say I will be sleeping in tomorrow!


Make time in your planner for workouts just like you do your Dr.Appointments!

Make a weekly workout schedule that includes three to four days of some kind of cardio, one to two days of sculpting, or strength training and one day of flexibility training, such as yoga or Pilates. Write your workout times in your weekly schedule and keep your appointments. No excuses!!!

I am headed to the gym to do some ET, and then meeting up with Christina for some weights:) Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!


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