WOW some of you are pretty darn selfless!!! I loved all of your ideas too :). Thanks to Kath, I finally installed Google Chrome onto my computer, why have I lived so long without this wonderful program?!

Today’s lunch was ALOT better then yesterdays, thanks to a little planning.

I made an amazing new wrap:

  • one Flat Out Wrap
  • one light Laughing Cow Cheese
  • one small tomato
  • steamed red peppers
  • and one Mediterranean Veggie Burger from TJ’s

blog 068

Wrapped up 🙂

blog 070 

I also had some grapes (there almost all gone from our vine 🙁 ).

blog 072

With some crunch (organic tortilla chips) and bean dip!

blog 071

For my mid morning snack I did find a Greek yogurt that I had left in our office fridge!!! YUMMY! While eating my snack, I contemplating signing up for the Mission Inn Half in November, I am getting the runners itch! Maybe I can convince Angie to do it with me ;).

blog 066

Alright I have one more hour of work then I am off to my first Cross-Country Meet!


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