Your engine is shot!

Yeah I am up before 6am! It’s about time…

I just love getting up when it’s still dark, there something about the darkness that creates an perfect work silence. My study last night was talking about getting up early before the whole house(even though the whole house is just hub and Bosco) it’s the best time to get some quiet time. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings hubby plays basketball with the local high school teachers at 6am, so I have the whole house to myself.

Ok now I am on to more interesting and cotastraphying ( I know that’s not a word) things. The reason that I HAD to get up so early is because yesterday on the way to work my car blew up on me. Yes, it was frightening. I was on the freeway headed to work and I was a little stressed already praying that I would just let it all go and have a good day, when all of a sudden my car jerked and a big bang came from the engine. White smoke came from both sides…this was not good. I thought at first I had a flat tire but when I saw the smoke coming from the hood I ruled that out. Thank God I was close to an exit. I got off the freeway slowly and pulled off the side of the road. Jumped out, and called hubby immediately. Without hesitation he came right down there. I was just happy that I got off safely.

We finally got the car to the mechanic and he gave us the terrible diagnoses I didn’t want to hear. He said to me “your engine is shot”. Apparently there was a big whole in my engine, which is what that big bang was on the freeway.Not sure what the cause, but it’s dead. So hubby looked at me, I looked at him and took a deep breath and said “well guess this means I am really going to live life without a car….”.

I then went to work and hub took care of everything. People at work were telling me, that this might be good because now I can get a new car. I kinda got excited about that and then realized what was I thinking I don’t want a new car, I like my car and it’s payed for. Isn’t it funny how we get so caught up in stuff that we forget that we already have too much of it. We walk into a store and think “I want more stuff”. I know that I live in a consumer society but that last thing I want to do is get caught up in it. I don’t want more “stuff” I want my stuff, and until I get it back, I will have to learn how to rely on public transportation more.

This idea truly excites me. I know that’s crazy but I do love taking the bus, and I hate spending money on gas, and I mean HATE. Now this means I really have to plan out my days better, and get out of the house earlier. I can do it, and I know that I ll be getting my car back soon, with a new engine, but even when I do I still want to try and live without it one step at a time. I love how God has given me this joy even through this trial. Because my flesh wants to be angry and frustrated, but my soul is so at peace.

Heres a picture of how my day is a little longer without a car…

  • 5:30am quite time
  • 6:30am run
  • 8:20am one mile bike ride to the bus stop
  • 8:30am Get on the bus ( I get to read:))
  • 9:20am get off the bus
  • 10:am work
  • 5:30pm off work ride to Starbux for some tea before yoga and a snack and blog a little
  • 6:30pm Yoga class
  • 8:00pm Yoga is over
  • 8:50pm get on bus home
  • 9:30pm get off bus and ride home
  • 9:45pm get home and rest!

    So my day is a bit longer but worth it! I have really great article I can’t wait to write about tonight on my new sports bra stay tuned!!

    P.S. Hubby went to Fresh and Easy yesterday and he said he wasn’t very impressed, going to have to check it out for myself.


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