10 Things That Made Me Smile Today

#1.Working at a BEAUTIFUL place like Forest Home 

Picture 047

#2. I get to coach/run with some of the most fun High School Students

Picture 022

#3. Starbucks after a long hot run and just before teaching kickboxing.

Picture 088

#4. Teaching Kickboxing after a 5 mile Tempo run!

Picture 091

#5. Coming home to the best DOG in the world.

Picture 083

#6. Plus the most loving and supportive Hubby!

Picture 071 

#7. Eating cereal for dinner…

Picture 082

#8. Finding samples waiting for me on my door step!

Picture 084

#9. Talking to my BFF Ginger on the phone for an hour!

#10. Reading all of your comments about what seasons are your favorite!!!

favorite comment…

Kathleen said…

“I would be stuck in fall…it’s definitely my fave season with the changing leaves, the smell of woodsmoke and sweet apples, the cheer of candles and pumpkins on someone’s porch…so much to love!”

Now time for bed that would make #11 SLEEP!


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