Hello friends, had your weekend so far?. I have enjoyed every minute of mine!Friday night I had a Father and Son conference to register for at work. Here is what registration looks like for me at camp.

Picture 144

I work hard all week to make all the guests their registration packets filled with lots of goodies; name tags, wrist bands, programs, maps….

Picture 146

I enjoyed a very sweet cup of Hot Coco while I waited for folks to check in. 
 Picture 143

I love Friday check in days, because I get to meet all the wonderful guests I have been working with on the phone for months! I am there until about 9pm so one of the guests was so kind and brought me a plate of dinner. It was a typical MANS meal, steak, mashed potatoes, and dressing with a side of salad ;).

Picture 147

I also enjoyed some dessert, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and the chewiest brownie I have ever bitten in to!

Picture 148

The evening was long (but went well) I couldn’t wait to get home and crawl into bed, just to wake up at 5am for a run with Skinny Bride and then a x-country invitational with my team. SB and I ran a nice 4 mile loop and chatted the whole time about wedding plans, only 4 more weeks until the big day! The x-country meet went great, all my kids beat their times from our last meet and finished well. It was a hot morning and there were some pretty intense hills, but I can tell that our hill training has really helped them. GO TEAM!

After the game I went with my my Boss Sandra and our friend Jen to the Apple Store to replace Sandra’s iPhone. She got a whole new phone for $199 instead having to buy a brand new one for $499!!! Apple has some pretty wonderful customer service! At this point I was starving so we grabbed some Chipotle, I inhaled my veggie bowl so fast that I forgot to take a pic…ooops!

Picture 150

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent relaxing by the pool and getting my last tan on before summer is officially over. When i got home I got an email from some friends inviting us to a get together at their house for a birthday. Joe and Jessica are two good friends we know from our Thursday night group, so glad we got to hang out! 

Pizza was on the menu, I went with Pineapple and Canadian Bacon(haven’t had this since college).

Picture 152

We brought a bottle of my favorite red wine, Ménage  a Trios. We had this for the first time in Napa.

Picture 155

I enjoyed a glass or two or three.

Picture 156

The best part was, Joe had a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake!!!  100% ice-cream.

Picture 154


Picture 157

Check out these layers: Vanilla ice-cream, Cookie Jar Blizzard( Cookie Dough + Cookies N’ Cream), brownie, fudge, and icing!!!

Picture 159

My glorious mini piece!

Picture 161

I hate cake, but this was AMAZING!!!

Picture 163

We met some new friends.

Picture 160

And saw adorable faces.

Picture 158 

Such a fun SATURDAY!!!!

I wish I could say I got to sleep in this morning, but I am up early for a wedding in San Diego at 11am. I have known this girl for almost 20 years, it shall be a blast!

This morning I made a quick bowl of cereal, and now it’s time to get myself ready and lookin all pur-tiful!

Picture 165

Hope you all have a fun and restful Sunday!!! I will have a full recap of the wedding tonight so stay tuned…


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