12 Miles of Beauty

Thank God for MapMyRun and my iPhone GPS system, together they made my run possible and beautiful!


About 5 miles into my run I ran next to Big Bear Lake and enjoyed the beautiful view and blue skies!! The weather was absolute perfect.


I even saw my DREAM HOME! There was even a white picket fence in the front that I would love to have as well :).


More running beauty.


I ended my last stretch on the dirt, it was the perfect way to finish. 


My Garmin was getting a very weak signal so I couldn’t really tell the exact mileage but according to MapMyRun I ran just about 12 miles! On my run I pulled out some Shot Bloks that I got this past summer at SDRR expo. I really like the chewy texture but my tummy didn’t enjoy them as much.  


I also carried my water bottle full of Heed and Water. 


As soon as I was finished I did my running stretches, loving not being in a hurry for once!!

Picture 451

My favorite stretch! 

Picture 452

Picture 453

Picture 454

Picture 455

I then tried some of my Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer.

“High in fiber, protein and essential fats, Vega is naturally filling and satisfying, helping to suppress appetite and cravings.” On their site it says that it is a meal replacement but after running 12 miles there is NO WAY I would just be drinking this!

Picture 456

I mixed it with one cup of water. It looked like a GM! Oh but it didn’t taste like one!! I could not drink this by it self I will have to add this to a shake in a blended it was a little to potent for me. 

Picture 457

I went with a cup of Chocolate Silk instead :). 

Picture 458

I also made a late a repeat from yesterday’s breakfast..it was so good! 

Picture 459

Along with a HUGE cup of Raspberry Herbal Tea.

Picture 460

Hubby and I are headed out to the Oktoberfest today, the high today is 76 degrees should be perfect!!

Have a RESTRFUL Sunday!


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